Warsaw Java User Group

Programming in Java, currently the most popular language in the world? Living in Warsaw? Join Warsaw Java User Group, or WJUG.

If new to Java, wait for a Jinkubator edition of WJUG, to have fundamentals explained. Usually on Tuesday evenings in Warszawa…

From SoftwarePlant, a proud sponsor and a co-organizer of Warsaw Java User Group…

Warsaw Java User Group in a nutshell

wjug 177

Tom Kucharski, CEO at SoftwarePlant, discussing the 1973 third Clarke’s law at WJUG #177 on 2016.03.15.

  • Java focused event
  • takes place in Warsaw, Poland from November 2006
  • periodic, 0-4 meetings per month, mostly Tuesdays, 2-3 hours, starting 6:15 pm
  • bi-formula :
    • WJUG, Java-related topics discussed, such as Dropwizard, reactive programming, hexagonal architecture, domain-driven design
    • Jinkubator, pronounced dżej-inkubator. Fundamentals explained to beginners and intermediate Java developers. As of 2017 Jinkubator was merged with “regular meetings”. So, instead of Jinkubator 51, WJUG 217 Jinkubator occurred
  • in Polish
  • free to attend
  • front-end technologies, e.g. JavaScript, Angular occasionally touched as well
  • sponsors provide: pizza for 50-100 participants ● WJUG t-shirts for atendees ● train tickets to Warsaw for lecturers
  • location: Wydział Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, ul. Banacha 2, Warszawa
  • WJUG leaders: Artur Owczarek, Damian Leszczyński, Michał Niczyporuk, Piotr Procner, Radosław Domański, Tomasz Kucharski


Upcoming WJUG meetups

WJUGs sponsored by SoftwarePlant

WJUG #204

Event Sourcing – Marcin Haręza of SoftwarePlant

Number of participants: ~100
We were the sponsor and delivered the presentation.

WJUG #196

Javascript + Java = Typescript – Tomasz Ducin

We were the sponsor.

WJUG #178

Flash talks – ConfigSlurper, Big Data, wyjątki w Lambdach, web SSO oraz Guice – Dominik Przybysz, Grzegorz Piwowarek, Piotr Guzik, Piotr Fus, Mateusz Sobczak

We were the sponsor of the WJUG.

WJUG #177

Domain Driven Design w praktyce – Krzysztof Muchewicz

We were the sponsor of the WJUG.

Jinkubator #38

Clean code – Tomasz Kucharski, SoftwarePlant

We were the sponsor and delivered the presentation.