WarsawJS Workshop #24. How to get rid of Facts of Life?

Bug, software testing, fact of life

The 33 brave men and women who arrived at the WarsawJS Workshop #24 learnt how to get rid of those nasty little creatures. SoftwarePlant sponsored the event. What did exactly happen during Code testing WarsawJS Workshop #24 on September 16th, 2018?

WarsawJS Workshop 24

Warsaw Workshop #24 trainees.


WarsawJS workshop #24 unit converter

A JavaScript unit converter devised during WarsawJS Workshop #24.

WarsawJS Workshop #24 attendees learnt how to design a unit converter, but this was only a cover story for code and software testing. This massive ‘thing’ had been sliced into three pieces:

  • Unit tests – Workshop #22 on July 22, 2018
  • End-to-end tests – Workshop #23 on August 19, 2018
  • Integration tests – Workshop #24 on September 16, 2018


WarsawJS Workshop #24 facts

  • 33 attendees, 8 hours on integration tests
  • 4 groups of various proficiency levels
  • the last workshop of a series of events dedicated to software testing:
    • unit tests – July 2018
    • end-to-end tests – August 2018
    • integration tests – September 2018
  • a special ‘Workshop Series’ certificate given to those who completed all the three workshops
  • trainees were to author a temperature & currency unit converter, and they practiced testing against bugs in their own code
  • Continuous Integration tools introduced: Travis CI, CircleCI, Semaphore
  • testing technologies and tools utilized: Ava, Jasmine, Jest, Painless, QUnit, tape, Karma, Mocha, Testem
  • Swagger UI brief introduction
  • SoftwarePlant as an exclusive sponsor
  • event hosted by Campus Warsaw: A Google Space

Thank you, WarsawJS for extremely smooth 8 hours. We didn’t even notice the event was coming to an end!

This is a trainer’s repository:

  • https://github.com/rsp/warsawjs-workshop-22-unit-converter
  • https://github.com/rsp/warsawjs-workshop-23-unit-converter
  • https://github.com/rsp/warsawjs-workshop-24-unit-converter


WarsawJS software testing certificates

Those, who completed the #22, #23 and #24 WarsawJS Workshops were honored with these special ‘Workshop Series’ certificates.


Exercise break, Campus Warsaw

An exercise break on Campus Warsaw commons.


WarsawJS Workshop participants

Participants of WarsawJS Workshop #24.

WarsawJS Workshop certificates are being awarded

The awards ceremony around 6 p.m.


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