WarsawJS Workshop #20. Basics of React.js

React.js, a base for single-page applications, surely has potential. Interestingly, ReactJS is maintained by Facebook. So, what have we learnt and is ReactJS worth it?

Other than React, this edition of WarsawJS will be forever remembered for its delicious cuisine. So, what was the food like at Workshop #20?

WarsawJS 20 sponsor SoftwarePlant

Piotr Kowalski, a WarsawJS organizer. SoftwarePlant was a sponsor of Workshop #20. Can you tell the technologies we use?


We’ve heard various rationales from people who spent the Sunday coding in React JS:

  • It’s similar to JavaScript, one could get a grasp of React in a few hours (given proficiency in JS) 
  • React is “loved” compared to Node.js, Spark, Angular and others
  • React is open-source
  • It’s a Facebook technology. Big names utilize it, e.g. Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Apple


WarsawJS Workshop #20 facts

  • React for beginners
  • on the 20th May, 2018, at Google Campus Warsaw
  • plenty of newbies (“I have never programmed before”)
  • they built a flight search app
  • trainers: Mateusz Sojda, Bartek Legięć, Kamil Gajowy, Kacper Pietrzak, Andriy Mykulyak
  • delicious tuna sandwiches, chocolate chip French pastries and tartas. Coffee for all
  • a diploma for everybody
  • ~60 pln entrance fee


WarsawJS recruitment

Yes, we are hiring, especially front-end professionals. Check our job board.


WarsawJS Workshop 20

This is the actual Workshop #20 photo with the actual participants. Courtesy of WarsawJS.


WarsawJS Workshop#20 food

We will long remember the tasty tuna mini sandwiches and tarta cakes of WarsawJS Workshop #20. Yummy!


Chocolate chip pastries

Chocolate chip pastries for all were included in the workshop entrance fee.


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