WarsawJS Workshop #15. How to design Tic-tac-toe in JS?

The 50 people who arrived at the event were asked to design a Tic-tac-toe, or Battleship game in JavaScript. Natalia Kędziora of SoftwarePlant acted as a trainer, and SoftwarePlant sponsored the event. For what reasons the folks attended JavaScript for beginners WarsawJS Workshop #15 on January 7th, 2018?

WarsawJS workshop

We hear a variety of rationales from people who spend Sundays coding:

  • I used to learn JS for some time in the past, then I stopped at some point, but I wish to resume
  • I learnt from tutorials and they proved not entirely efficient
  • I’m seeking a career change
  • JS will help me perform better at my current role


WarsawJS Workshop #15 facts

  • JavaScript for beginners (ES5, ES6, ES7) + Git
  • 5 groups x 10 people
  • over twice as many sign-up’s as available seats
  • women made up close to 50% of attendees
  • people learnt how to design the Tic-tac-toe or Battleship game in JavaScript
  • on the 7th January, 2018, at Google Campus Warsaw
  • delicious amuse-bouches, Thai cuisine, coffee and energetic drinks for all
  • a diploma for everybody

Thank you, WarsawJS Initiators, for extremely smooth 8 hours. We didn’t even notice the event was coming to an end!

Thank you, WarsawJS students for nicely designed games:
Viktor https://mr-vikster.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15-tictactoe/
Magda https://pchenel.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15/
Sebastian https://lechum2.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15/
Adam https://adambartczuk.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15-tictactoe/
Ewa https://samograjka.github.io/warsawjs-workhop-15/
Piotr https://pperz.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15/
Bartek https://bartom93.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15/
Michał https://gliwa.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15/
Marta https://goodscout.github.io/warsawjs-workshop-15/


IT SoftwarePlant is recruiting

Yes, we are hiring. Check our job board. Photo courtesy of WarsawJS.


WarsawJS Workshop #15

This is the actual Workshop #15 photo with the actual participants. Courtesy of WarsawJS.


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