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Jun 04

@SoftwarePlant Twitter. Why have we switched from @SoftPlant?

On June 4th @SoftPlant became @SoftwarePlant on Twitter. Whereas you could swap Twitter usernames within minutes, there are things to consider and here they are:

Is longer @SoftwarePlant actually better than @SoftPlant?

It depends.

SoftwarePlant Twitter

We are proud of our new @SoftwarePlant Twitter username.

Our new @SoftwarePlant Twitter handler reflects the real name of ours, which certainly counts towards the company’s long term value. It’s easier for others to @ us in a tweet when they begin typing “@SoftwareP…”.

On the other hand, the old @SoftPlant username continues its life in dozens of tweets before June 4th and there is no way for us to update the links in those tweets. So, it’s reasonable to expect an interim decrease in our Twitter account traffic.

What’s more, the pretty long @SoftwarePlant adversely affects our chances to be quoted in other people tweets, as usernames count towards the 280-character limit that Twitter set for a tweet.

Act quickly with super popular usernames

You need to vacate a username on one Twitter account, typically the one you acquired from a third party individual /organization, to be able to take it over on another account. There is 0,0001% chance that someone outrivals you in between and you end up losing the so desired new name, that you might have paid $1000 for.

So, act quickly as there is no delay and a username becomes available for everybody a second after you release it by pressing ‘Save’ in the acquired account’s settings.

You’ve switched the usernames, now what?

The former @SoftwarePlant owner’s profile, in our case one that had belonged to a company from India, is still visible in Google search, only to confuse your audience. Before you deactivate their old Twitter profile, in hope that Google removes their listing instantly, be sure to:

  • change both their username and name to something very different, not just SoftwarePlant_2,
  • enable ‘Protect your Tweets’ option (Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety) to make their old tweets that use ‘SoftwarePlant’ name invisible to Google,

Only now you can deactivate the account you’ve transplanted the precious username from.


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