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Jan 03

Trello for Wedding Planning. How would a pro do it?

Trello wedding planningYou could use plain Trello boards for wedding planning, but you’re likely to miss one thing – a timeline/bar chart. If it’s your own wedding, you’re going to feel overwhelmed by the number of appointments & commitments you need to make. When you’re a professional wedding planner, on the other hand, you might need the timeline to coordinate several weddings at a time.

Your wedding is a massive project with deadlines and milestones, so why not add a bar chart overlay on top of your Trello boards? One that you can show and hide with a mouse button. The Gantt chart will show you what happens when in the course of your ‘wedding project’. As a side effect, BigPicture Power-Up could teach you things and inspire you to launch some business once you got married.

First, let’s see how you only need two Trello boards for your wedding planning process, as opposed to five boards prescribed in the excellent ‘The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Wedding With Trello‘.


Trello BigPicture logo


Add Timeline & Gantt chart on top of your Trello boards.

The Master board

The Trello blog post calls a timeline-like board “Master board”. The leftmost list spans four months (August thru November), the second one covers three months (Dec thru Feb), the next one – just two months and this is not accidental. The closer the wedding date is getting the worse your tasks are going to pile up.

Master Trello wedding planning board, timeline

Unlike that excellent Trello blog article we recommend incorporating the wedding day into the Master board. Just add the wedding day timetable as the rightmost list on the Master board, this way getting the bird’s eye view of your arrangements.

You could also include the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen checklists in the Wedding Day column. It’s unlikely that all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are proficient in Trello anyway, so it might be easier to email them a pdf with their duties, exported from the respective To DO cards.

Guests board

Second only to the Master board is the Guests board. You’re going to register all the guests on the leftmost list and then circulate each guest’s card through the board until the guest reaches the rightmost ‘Thank you card sent’ list which means they are ‘done’.

You could as well add some extra lists to the Guests board, such as:

  • ‘They have RSVP’d’
  • ‘They haven’t RSVP’d’
  • ‘Will use a motor coach’
  • ‘Will use parking lot (private transport)’
  • ‘These people need a hotel room’

or even split the first column into ‘Bride’s wedding guests list’ and ‘Groom’s list’.

Guests board. Planning wedding in Trello


Why the bar chart on top?

Let’s suppose it’s September 1st today and the big day has been scheduled for the 1st of June. What exactly should you be working on on that 1st of September, eight months left to the wedding day? There could be dozens of tasks to choose from in the August-November list and some of them as straightforward as ‘Begin compiling guest list’ while others as complex as ‘Create wedding microsite’ or ‘Book venues’. Which one to focus on today?

One solution is the bar chart, a.k.a. the Gantt chart.

Have a look at the animation below, and imagine you have a single task scheduled for the first week of September, say ‘Book professional photographer’. Now, isn’t it more obvious what should you be focusing on this week?

This is how BigPicture Power-Up works. It’s simply a bar chart/timeline overlay on your Trello board(s), one that you can show and hide. Even better, it keeps in sync with your Trello boards.

Trello Gantt chart wedding planning


Wedding planning template + BigPicture – step by step:

Step 1: Log in to your Trello account and enter this sample Wedding Planning Master Board.

Sample wedding planning Trello board

Then follow Step 2 to copy it to your Trello:

Step 2

Copy our public board to your Trello account:

  • Show menu > More > Copy board
  • Enter ‘Title’, ‘Team’, then press ‘Create’.

Step 3

You need to add BigPicture Power-Up to the newly created board, whatever you named it:

  • Switch to your new board
  • Show menu > Power-Ups > Search ‘BigPicture’ > Add

You should now be able to see ‘BigPicture’ button in the top-right corner of your screen. Press it.

Step 4

Feel free to drag&drop tasks, change perspectives, add markers and task dependencies. You can even nest tasks – read the ‘Create wedding microsite’ example below.

Wedding planning Gantt chart



Are you a one-time wedding planner?

You might wonder is it worth it? Review the example:

Example: ‘Create wedding microsite’ – a task too complex for a single shot

While it’s feasible to build a simple website in Google Sites within 60 minutes, wouldn’t it be better to split the task into four sub-tasks, such as:

  • Decide on tabs’ titles
  • Choose and buy a domain
  • Write content
  • Review the content & e-mail the link to the guests

And sprinkle these ‘steps’ evenly September through December? It’s easy with the bar chart, just observe on the animation how the ‘big tasks’ have their sub-tasks attached to them with the bars set apart on the timeline.


Check the below video tutorial and BigPicture docs discussing in detail how to create a time marker, a task dependency, a milestone or a critical path.


Trello BigPicture logo


Add Timeline & Gantt chart on top of your Trello boards.

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