Aug 02

Time for a Structural Breakdown with WBS!

There’s a new addition to our BigFamily and its name is WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). A module which gives you even more control over your project and the clarity of view you could never dream about. It is finally here and it is simply waiting to make your life much simpler.

When can we tell that the plugin is well integrated with the environment it operates in? The answer is – when you absolutely have no idea it is there! The correlation between two should be so graceful and elegant, that one could never tell they used an add-on. When interacting with BigPicture, BigGantt or any other BigPlugin in JIRA, we shouldn’t really see the difference between the structure they offer and the rest of the environment. With that in mind, we are trying real hard to achieve such an integrity every single day. And guess what…? We succeed at it BigTime™!

Today, we are overwhelmingly thrilled when proudly presenting to you a fresh addition to our BigFamily. A Work Breakdown Structure! Module which is a crucial ingredient to our project portfolio stew and which integrates with JIRA’s Issue Detail View so well, you could easily mistake it for a standard feature. All of this thanks to its natural looks and behavior, which are accommodated in a great harmony.

What do we gain with it? Well, we believe that you know “Why you should create a Work Breakdown Structure for Project Managementby now. The module itself though, surely makes our lives easier, especially when we use JIRA environment solely for a project management purposes. If we are attached to this structure display (offered by BigPicture or BigGantt) which we looked after and perfected, it is sometimes hard to tell (and pretty dangerous to try) ‘what would happen if…’ when editing an issue from the JIRA perspective. Fear no more, as this now, even from the JIRA perspective you have everything in your scope. Now you can tell what’s the relation of the task you are editing with other tasks and JIRA issues, so ‘What happens if…?’ is no longer a question.

At SoftwarePlant, we treasure the idea, that the more control you have, the freer you are, so here we are – giving you even more control over your Project Portfolio. Use it wisely, as “with the great power, comes great responsibility”.

If you are hungry for more control over your project, if you want to finally get a grip on its every aspect, every issue and their correlations – then try out our WBS module introduced in the BigPicture and BigGantt’s latest releases. Available now on Atlassian Marketplace!

If you strive for more knowledge on how it works and what it can do, please take a peek into our Documentation.

About The Author

Marcin Nowak, Head of Design at SoftwarePlant