Jan 14

SoftwarePlant’s ShipIt Week (Hackathon) vol.2 launched!

SoftwarePlant ShipIt Week Vol. 2 has just kicked off! For the second time in our company’s history developers combine into teams made up of people who don’t usually work together to tackle an idea that inspires them most. Over the course of five days, Monday to Friday, these teams of like-minded enthusiasts collaborate, communicate, get inspired and have fun while working on a practical problem they have set themselves – bringing it through the entire process of concept design, problem solving to final implementation. 

“We see the ShipIt Week as na invaluable exercise in team-building which fosters creativity and innovative thinking in our employees,” explains Tom Kucharski, SoftwarePlant’s co-owner and CEO. “While its main goal remains very tangible – to tackle a very practical, feasible challenge – such as improving a given feature or introducing a new functionality to one of products – ShipIt Week offers a great variety of perhaps less palpable advantages. It installs a “can-do” spirit in people and empowers them with courage, determination and energy to experiment with novel ideas.”

On a more practical note, Paweł Guz, responsible for driving operation excellence at SoftwarePlant, explains ShipIt Week’s basic concept: “our developers arrange themselves into 8 teams, each of which selects an issue they would like to tackle – the overall goal being to offer as many top-notch functionalities to the users of Big Picture, a plugin to the JIRA Project Portfolio Management system and SoftwarePlant’s flagship product, which sells in thousands of copies worldwide. They have five full working days to develop a solution to their problem and present their results on Friday. Aiming at WOW affect, the teams work with purpose and determination.”
Thought not SoftwarePlant’s original idea, the company wants to build on the strengths of the ShipIt/Hackathon concept. “If we see something ingenious, we have no scruples coping it and so ShipIt Events, which have been successfully introduced and popularized by such giants of the IT/ High-Tech industry as Atlassian, are bound to be incorporated into our way of operating,” says Tom Kucharski. “We aim at making the ShipIt Week a regular event. Every 8 weeks we are set on giving our employees a platform for autonomous, innovative work. We see ShipIts are an important part of our overall internal company culture, helping us excel as a product provider and grow as a team.”

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An experienced marketing and PR manager and a holder of diplomas from Warsaw University, SGH Warsaw School of Economics and London School of PR. A true believer in continuous development through lifelong learning, she takes an active interest in the social psychology of business and leadership theories. At SoftwarePlant she's in charge of marketing and communications with partners and clients.