ROHM Semiconductor of Oulu trains on BigPicture Cloud

ROHM, a leading MEMS, or MicroElectroMechanical systems manufacturer has established a software development center in Finland and trains teams in BigPicture Cloud.

The Oulu branch houses a Research & Development party of around 50 people. They broaden the lucrative sensing portfolio for various brands within the ROHM group, namely ROHM, Kionix and LAPIS Semiconductor.

ROHM semiconductors training

ROHM Semiconductors of Oulu, a micro-electro-mechanical software team is now BigPicture trained.

SoftwarePlant performed its first training program on its Cloud-hosted version of Jira BigPicture. The 2-day course was held on-site at ROHM’s offices in Oulu, Finland. We used their own Jira instance as a case study for their BigPicture training.

Given a tough nature of their business, it’s worth noting that ROHM Semiconductor manages their projects with Jira hosted in Cloud. Hereby they stand in opposition to other organizations developing complex physical products, which usually use Jira hosted on-site.

Just to give you an idea of how tiny ROHM’s products are:

Micro-electro-mechanical compared to match, size

To give you an idea of how tiny stuff the Oulu team has to control with their software. The size of a MEMS micro-chain drive compared to a tip of a match.


ROHM Semiconductor logo roundWe understood that BigPicture was a huge Jira plug-in. To get familiar with the application as soon as possible, we had to have a training session – it was so obvious to us from the beginning. During the two-day training session, we received all the information regarding the application. The training consisted of basic usage and the administration details. Therefore, everyone in our team benefitted. The first day, all the members attended the basics and for the second day a few members participated for the detailed session. Also, the training is flexible. It is possible to adjust training content as suitable for our needs. I think that makes on-site training worth more than video training. Furthermore, we could ask questions any moment throughout the training and discuss the issues. Also, it should be mentioned that the trainer is very fluent in the application. He is a fountain of knowledge, could be the most suitable expression, I think. If someone asks me, certainly, I would recommend on-site training, whenever you are going to use BigPicture.”

Susumu Sekiguchi | Project Manager at the Finland Software Development Center | Rohm Semiconductor GmbH, Oulu, Finland

May 2018


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We trained the Oulu team in April, past the aurora borealis season.


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