Apr 28

Road to Barcelona – episode 5

This is the last installment of our series before we head out to Barcelona for Atlassian Summit. We’re just about done gearing up for the event, which ain’t an easy task if you have over 150kg of materials to ship! That’s like me and a half… Anyways, excitements is off the charts and meetings are appointed. From now on, we’ll be contacting you via Twitter so make sure to follow us!

If you want us to set aside some time for you to discuss anything, make sure to write us at hello@softwareplant.com.

Other than that make sure to:


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We're SoftwarePlant team. We're striving to make Jira, Trello, Google Calendar and 'you name it' task management software talk to each other, and at the speed of light. We will one day unite them all. When the dream comes true will you still need any 'uber-software', other than BigPicture, to manage projects?