Apr 06

Road to Barcelona – episode 3

california highway

Throwback Thursday! Organizing a trip to this year’s Summit in Barcelona brought our minds back to last year’s event in San Jose, California. It was an eventful… event with plenty of people to meet, attractions and entertainment, both business and travel-wise. Here, we’d like to take you down memory lane to spend last year’s Summit with us in pictures. Imagine a sunny west coast of California, driving down a highway, not a single cloud in the sky which made the whole exhausting trip from Europe worth it…

On our way to the hotel we stopped at a restaurant to grab a bite. As you can see from Bart’s (rightmost handsome guy) expression, he was fairly surprised to not see ‘kielbasa’ or ‘pierogies’ on the menu.
He was in a pickle…
mike at atlassian summit
Once we arrived at the Summit, we were sort of startled… like a deer in the headlights. However, as soon as we made friends with our jet lag, we began to mingle and enjoy the experience.
sponsoring atlassian summit
Oh yeah, we made sure that they didn’t forget us on the promotional materials. Do not get misled by the fact that our logo is somewhere at the end of the list – it’s alphabetical. Truth is we were THE COOLEST sponsor of all. No doubt about it.
Ask anyone.
softwareplant atlassian summit
Final preparations before the event. Booth already set up, adrenaline fired up, product demos ready, excitement off the charts.
softwareplant booth summit
Here we are in action. Focused and determined, hungry but persistent, sleepy but relentless. It truly was a busy time with plenty of attendees arriving at our booth to discuss features, solutions, their hopes and dreams…
Once everything wound down, we had time to relax and collect ourselves. The presence at the expo, however, truly took its toll on us.
As you can see, Bart fell asleep.


After the expo we had a chance to attend the Bash which was an entertainment filled party for vendors, partners, experts and Atlassian family in general.
Bart was still sleeping.
Midway through the party, in between networking, mingling and drinks we decided to take a group picture. Look at those handsome men.
Oh, and Bart never stopped sleeping.


After the Summit we had a chance to travel around beautiful California and see some of the greatest landmarks that it has to offer.
By the way, do not get misled by the sunglasses, Bart was STILL sleeping.

This concludes our throwback to last year’s Atlassian Summit. We are SO looking forward to Barcelona. In a month we’ll come prepared, with a new sharp look, even more handsome, armed with plenty of functionalities in our products. Do not miss it!

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