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Sep 27

We are updating our prices

Over the past year, our suite of applications has matured significantly. Since September 2020, our flagship product BigPicture, its premium extension BigPicture Enterprise, and the leading Gantt chart tool for Jira – BigGantt – have been augmented with dozens of new features as well as notable improvements in stability, performance, flexibility, user experience, and security. We are grateful to all our customers for your trust in our solutions, and we do our best to bring you even more value with every new release.

As we continue to invest in the further development of our products, we are also working to adjust our prices to the changing market conditions. Our last pricing update took place in October 2019, and a lot has changed since then.

Why are we changing our pricing?

Firstly, following the release of the 8th generation of the BigPicture suite in September 2020, our products have become much more powerful – capable of supporting advanced portfolio-level management across methodologies and frameworks, offering slicker, more intuitive interfaces, and meeting the most rigorous security requirements. Simply put, our apps are now in a different class than their predecessors were in 2019. 

Secondly, in October 2020, Atlassian announced that it is speeding up its journey to Cloud with the gradual retiring of the Server hosting model and – in June 2021 – modifying its Cloud pricing model. As staunch advocates for Cloud solutions, we do our best to make migrations as easy as possible for all our customers in both technical and business terms.   

What is going to change?

With all the above in mind, we are making pricing adjustments across all our apps, hostings, and user tiers, effective October 1st, 2021. While there are some outliers, here’s a quick overview of the changes:

  • Cloud — Some lower-tier prices have a modest increase; most tiers above 5,000 users have a significant price reduction of 25-50% or more at the highest tiers.
  • Server — Most tiers have a modest increase, with some more significant increases at the Unlimited tier to better reflect the value provided to our enterprise customers.
  • Data Center — Most tiers have a modest price increase, which varies by tier to smooth out pricing.

Please note that these changes affect all apps from the BigPicture suite: BigPicture, BigPicture Enterprise, BigGantt, and BigTemplate. You can view the updated pricing at softwareplant.com/pricing or appfire.com/pricing-updates

Customers with active licenses and subscriptions may renew at the legacy prices for 60 days (through November 29th, 2021). Additionally, any quotes previously generated will be honored for 30 days. Please contact your Atlassian reseller or visit the Marketplace to generate a new quote.

Thank you again for using our products. We hope these changes result in a more predictable approach to pricing going forward and an easier migration journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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