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Integration Party at SAFe Summit 2017
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston

SAFe Summit 2017, San Antonio

Intel with its recent transformation to Scaled Agile Framework methodology made the highlight of SAFe Summit 2017 in San Antonio, TX, U.S.A. While Intel is beginning to utilize our BigPicture JIRA addon, we were even more excited to hear from blue chips who are looking closer at JIRA as their future PPM app.

Participants’ names revealed

As the SAFe Summit is not for everybody, we are pleased to reveal some names. Just scroll the gallery for the peoples’ badges. So why we took these photos? Because all these people inquired about our BigPicture addon.

And cPrime – the major Scaled Agile Framework consulting firm. They took over the audience on the next day. They recognized our BigPicture app in both Program Board and Risk management tool categories.

How they treated us?

The perfectly organized conference gathered approx. 1200 people. But it deserves recognition, how vendors like us were treated. The food was delicious. And the pick-up trucks filled with ice cubes and beer dipped into that. This was during the integration party with country music… And the rodeo show. And how seamlessly the registration and the presentations were delivered…

Our European team arrived a little earlier to the largest of the lower 48. This way we managed to visit Texas landmarks: NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston and the Austin’s state capitol.

  • Date October 2, 2017
  • Tags Events

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