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SoftwarePlant office – from suburbs to a business park

SoftwarePlant headquarters is located in Astrum Business Park in the vicinity of the Warsaw capital airport. As of 2020, the office accommodates 80 programmers, QAs, and support team members that develop, BigPicture, and BigGantt. We’re currently in the process of expanding our office, as we plan to increase the team to 120 co-workers by the end of 2021.

The current office location is our fourth one, since 2013 when the development of BigPicture and BigGantt first begun. Take the 360% office tour to see how we roll. Scroll down to learn about our former office locations.

Current office location

Capacity: 90

95 Lopuszanska St.
Warsaw, 02-457

On the 4th of March, 2019 SoftwarePlant team moved into the new office, which tripled our capacity. Following are the reasons for the relocation:

  • BigPicture sales soared + our belief in the software
  • our growing team did not fit into the old office
  • the closer to the city you are, the more skilled programmers you get
  • we missed modern air conditioning and ventilation that the suburban office lacked

Above you can take a virtual tour through this new, yet modest office.


Suburban office (2016-2019)

Capacity: 10, later increased to 32

5 Gorna Droga St, Warsaw 02-495, Poland

Old SoftwarePlant office

Back in 2018, the ground floor, large office. Talking is Tom Kucharski, SoftwarePlant CEO: – Let teams keep their beloved Trello, TFS, and Jira instances. This is coming true with BigPicture 8 capable of sourcing tasks from those apps.


SoftwarePlant office 2015

The original team of five during a Scrum session. Mike Niwinski, SoftwarePlant CTO, middle, is facing the camera. CEO is taking the picture. The 3rd-floor studio in 2016, just after we moved in. We still keep the table football, evident in the picture.

Having left the blue-collar district, we moved into this peaceful residential area. We consecutively occupied two premises in a modest office building. We grew out of the 3rd-floor studio (capacity 10) around January 2017. And so we upgraded to the larger, street-level office: preferred by those who commuted on two wheels, as there was a bike parking inside; loved by those who elected to drive their cars to work, for the huge free parking lot; not so popular with those who had to take a commuter train from downtown Warsaw; cozy and fitted with an unforgettable wave ceiling, but with a poor ventilation system.

As the SoftwarePlant team quickly grew beyond 32 co-workers, even that intended-to-last office became not sufficient.

In desperate need of additional office space, SP owners acquired parts of the second floor in mid-2018 as a temporary solution. However, as they believed in face-to-face communication, the now in-fact two separate premises, with separate entrances from the street, could not last long.


First rented office (2015-2016)

First rented SoftwarePlant officeCapacity: 5

48 Dzieci Warszawy St, Warsaw 02-495, Poland

Steel legs of our newly purchased computer desks were stolen on the day we moved into our first rented office. That day, in that office, is in the photo.

The premises turned out too small within a year of moving in.

Attic at SoftwarePlant CEO’s home (2013-2014)

Capacity: 2

Little is known about the original SoftwarePlant office. Few photos exist. SoftwarePlant CEO and CTO arranged the original SoftwarePlant office in an attic of a suburban house. They went to bed well after midnight, only to wake up at 6 a.m. and code again. All this was happening before BigPicture, and BigGantt even debuted on Atlassian Marketplace. Days before BigPicture premiere, the immensely popular Risks module of BigPicture was written from scratch.

Entrepreneurial spirit and path-breaking efforts – BigPicture was born in July 2014. Hired programmers joined the team. A party of six moved into rented space.

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