Free Jira training. You’ve got options

The most efficient way to learn Jira cost free is (a) to use it daily, and (b) to constantly challenge the state of your knowledge. Only second to that: to take a training course with a human trainer. It turns out, however, that the latter option could be cost free, too.

Below are a few scenarios, how you could master Jira free of charge, depending on your current level of proficiency. Insiders’ tips…


Jira training free

Ideally, master Jira with a trainer. But there are other free options. Read further

Beginner: Run your own Jira project for 7 Days for free

Google the “Jira try free” key phrase, then navigate to and install a  cloud Jira instance. As of 2018 you’ve got it for free for seven days. Then just try to create and run your own real-life project, such as “Planning a holiday” with real-life tasks, e.g. “Choose a destination”, “Read about climate and best time to visit”, “Determine visa requirements”. Then complete the project task by task (Start progress, Done status).

“Getting back into shape” is another sample project for everyone. With tasks such as “Use bicycle instead of car to commute”, “Give up smoking”, “Eat vegetables instead of meat”, etc. even a housewife could theoretically become a project manager.

Or use Jira at your workplace to manage your own time, even if your employer ignores the PPM software that is rapidly gaining popularity.

As of 2018 the Jira trial period is only seven days, so if your learning curve is steep, you could extend you Jira Cloud instance for $10 per month (paid to Atlassian).


Beginner, Intermediate: Atlassian YouTube channel

Our Jira trainer says: I got bitten by the Jira bug with the below video. It was because the lady uses such a commonly occurring situation in this two-minute video.

There is an archived playlist with Jira lessons on YouTube:


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced: Study Atlassian documentation

For those who have access to Jira, a viable “Free Jira training” strategy could be to occasionally challenge their own level of proficiency. Atlassian University is no longer free, but Jira Documentation is readily available free of charge. Just ask yourself questions: “This action steals me 30 minutes every day. Is there a shorter way?” or “I use this app, but I’m not totally satisfied. Is there an app that better fits my needs?”

And here is how you are unlikely to master Jira using Atlassian docs: by sacrificing a weekend or two to study the documentation. Systematic is the key word with self-education.


Intermediate: Free one-hour online demo

For many people the key to success is to talk to a human trainer. We observed that when they could discuss their own issues with a trainer, the process of learning Jira was quick and effective. But here’s the catch. Training courses led by human trainers usually cost money. So, how to get them for free?

Some Atlassian partners provide free on-line demos of their apps. As these apps are submerged in Jira environment, during such a demo, you actually get a Jira training. We provide free BigPicture lessons, for our flagship project management app for Jira. Just schedule a free online lesson here, and learn Jira from the comfort of your office.

What we’ll discuss during the Free one-hour demo:

  • Jira projects, Jira issues
  • Jira quick filters, JQL
  • Estimating issues, Jira custom fields
  • Assigning issues to team members
  • Labels – for easier issue filtering
  • Gantt chart, Resource grid, Roadmap. These are basic tools in project management, they are absent from regular Jira. Treat as a bonus


This is a sample 1-hour BigPicture/Jira free training. There will be time for Q&A during your lesson.


Advanced: Get Jira Certification

Become a Jira Certified Administrator or obtain another badge from Atlassian Certified Professional program. Register for the exam, get a list of questions, and you’ll get motivated to polish your Jira competences ;) Note: the exam itself costs money, but the preparation process is obviously free ;)



Need a custom report or gadget in Jira? Ready to develop them on your own? If you are into coding, Java and Scala, get to know


User training vs. Administrator training

These “careers” share the initial stages, such as installation of Jira and understanding of Jira’s front-end. It’s probably wise to first become a regular user, or project manager, and only after two to three years move on to the administrator’s path. Read our employee’s report on how to become a Jira certified administrator.


Advice on successful learning – from SoftwarePlant employees:

Atlassian blog filters

Use filters on Atlassian blog, pictured. Especially great for Jira beginners.


Follow Atlassian Jira, @Jira on Twitter; they retweet some educational blog posts. experts are quick to answer questions posted on the forum as they hunt for the so called “Swags” – Atlassian labeled backpacks or t-shirts that are not available otherwise.