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How to cut down on your Jira Service Desk expenses?

Support teams generate significant overhead costs for many businesses. Is it possible to further automate tasks of support staff, so that you need fewer humans to communicate with your clients? It turns out a solution is coming.

Cheaper automated Jira Service Desk

Seeking a cheaper and automated Jira Service Desk? Why not combine BigPicture and SmartHandler for Mail apps for Jira? Both are available on Atlassian Marketplace.


Service desks that use Jira software tend to be laborious and for a reason. One thing is that they spend too much time on creating tickets from clients’ e-mails. Another factor is that they later manually answer these issues. Do they look like an unnecessarily link between clients and developers who solve clients’ requests? If these middlemen cost too much money, how to automate their jobs?

BigPicture + SmartHandler for Mail

SoftwarePlant and Forty8Fifty Labs, a subsidiary of VeriStor Systems announced a partnership to automate Jira-based support jobs. How is your service desk money going to be conserved? BigPicture, a major project management app for Jira by SoftwarePlant coupled to SmartHandler for Mail by Forty8Fifty Labs will effectively reduce average support staff costs by 50%. Both apps are available on Atlassian Marketplace.

To put it simply, thanks to automation fewer support employees will be necessary for an average support desk. And those who remain will concentrate on creative work, such as answering atypical, non-standard clients’ requests.

While SmartHandler for Mail by Forty8Fifty Labs will automatically create tickets for your service desk, BigPicture by SoftwarePlant is great at analyzing progress in solving the issues and changing goals in an agile manner, especially when human resources are scarce. So, BigPicture’s role boils down to motivating people.

Our new partner, Forty8Fifty Labs, summarized the partnership hereby


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