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How to have Gantt Chart in Jira Portfolio?

Jira Portfolio is a premier project management app. At the same time Portfolio is so Agile, that it lacks a Gantt chart module, an immensely popular project management tool. Some clients just need the classic representation of issues on the Gantt chart, period. So how to have the Gantt chart with Jira Portfolio?

Jira Portfolio Gantt chart

The Gantt chart dates back to the monumental construction projects of the 30s. The Gantt chart in BigGantt and BigPicture integrates with Jira Portfolio.


Is a third-party Gantt app a solution?

There are quite a few Gantt chart apps available on Atlassian Marketplace, but Portfolio-to-Gantt integration is the key point of consideration here. Why?

A viable Gantt chart will show the task hierarchy – e.g. task 3 is a sub-task of task 2, and task 2 is a sub-task of task 1, etc. This hierarchy, called Work Breakdown Structure, could be epic-, story and subtask-based. Since “regular” Jira Software facilitates sub-tasks only, many project managers use Jira Portfolio for the hierarchy based on epics and stories.

Jira Portfolio Team custom field is another thing that calls for visualisation on the Gantt chart. It would be a shame not to be able to see a Jira Portfolio team name on the Gantt chart, especially in multi-team environments.

So, to have a Gantt chart in Jira Portfolio, you need a third-party app, that recognizes both the hierarchy of Jira Portfolio tasks and the Team custom field. One answer is…


BigGantt or BigPicture

Gantt charts integration with Jira Portfolio

Task structure, “Parent link” and “Team” fields from Jira Portfolio visible on the Gantt module in BigPicture and BigGantt.

They both have a Gantt module, they are available on Atlassian Marketplace and their new versions integrate with Jira Portfolio (March 2018). Precisely they recognize:

  • the hierarchy of tasks – the “Parent link” custom field of Jira Portfolio
  • the “Team” custom field of Jira Portfolio

We have just integrated these things into the Gantt module of BigGantt and BigPicture. Check the statuses: https://softwareplant.com/jira/browse/PPM-2505, https://softwareplant.com/jira/browse/PPM-2506

Need just a Gantt chart for Jira Portfolio? Choose BigGantt as this is, well, a neatly looking Gantt chart that integrates with Jira Portfolio, and for an affordable price.

Ready to venture into the Gantt chart plus resources module, risks matrix, SAFe roadmaps? Pick BigPicture powerful PPM app, with its Gantt recognizing the task hierarchy and teams of Jira Portfolio.

It’s worth noting that when you drag&drop tasks on BigGantt/BigPicture Gantt module, the changes immediately reflect in Jira, and therefore in Jira Portfolio. Sounds interesting?

Try them both for free

See our Gantt chart in action


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Why Jira Portfolio doesn’t have the true Gantt chart?

The Gantt chart turned 100 years (more), so it clearly falls into the “classic project management tools” category. Gantt charts were extensively used in the 30s. in the U.S.A. Since Jira Portfolio is an extremely Agile-biased app, it lacks waterfall tools, such as the Gantt chart.

Still, the Gantt charts remain popular with Jira Portfolio users and for a reason.

With short-term planning, with one week to one month in mind, you could keep an eye on your program in Jira Portfolio in two ways:

  1. through the Gantt chart. It shows, how lengthy a given task is and illustrates dependencies between tasks, e.g. task 1 needs to be completed so that task 2 could be started.
  2. through resources – to properly burden your staff with tasks
Task hierarchy configuration Jira Portfolio

Task hierarchy config in Jira Portfolio. A user added “The top level” ad hoc. All the levels will be recognized and transformed into a tree in our Gantt module.

Will BigGantt and BigPicture mirror both the epic- and story-, and subtask-based hierarchy from Jira Portfolio?

Yes. Regardless of how deep your hierarchy of tasks defined in the global config of Jira Portfolio is, our Gantt module will see it.

Jira Software vs Jira Portfolio in terms of task hierarchy?

Jira Software (Jira Agile) features sub-tasks and that’s it. Jira Portfolio app by Atlassian adds the epic- and story-based hierarchy.

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