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Jira Gantt chart free

FREE Jira Gantt chart plug-in – how to get one?

Gantt chart is one of the most desirable add-ons for JIRA. What is the rationale behind this? People tend to internalize pictures easier than text. And this is exactly what the Gantt chart is all about – to visualize the workflow of your project. Nevertheless Gantt charts are not a standard feature of JIRA. So how to obtain Gantt diagrams for Jira free of charge?

Free Gantt chart for a blink-of-an-eye project

Perhaps your project is not going to last long. Some Gantt plug-ins are available free for evaluation period. Just research “gantt chart” key phrase on Atlassian Marketplace. Our BigGantt is available free of charge for 90 days straight1. And for some it turns out free forever – read on.

1 Beyond “90 days” boundary, with no license having been purchased, BigGantt add-on will still function, in semi-read-only mode. While drag&drop operations will be disabled, Gantt chart will be visible on your screen. Moreover reflecting changes made to the project in your core Jira.

Free Gantt chart for certain “industries”…

Henry Gantt free

Indeed Henry Gantt’s (bar chart’s creator, 1861-1919) descendents do not charge copyright fees. Your money goes to programmers instead. Some Gantt chart solutions are free, including those for JIRA.

We give out our Gantt add-on for free to non-profit institutions – charities, hospitals, libraries and churches. Some 15% of licenses have been given away for free. Do the below are similar to what you do?

  • Cancer Council Victoria, Autstralia
  • National Inventors Hall of Fame, U.S.A.
  • Royal Opera House, U.K.
  • Adullam-Stiftung, Switzerland
  • Centar za MICE inovacije, Croatia
  • Lebenswege für Menschen mit Behinderungen GmbH, Germany

Request a free Gantt license at

Free Gantt diagram for Small businesses

Yes, if you only need up to 10 users, then you might be eligible for free BigGantt. Follow these steps:

Over 10 users?

Even with more than 10 users you might still be eligible for a discounted licence2. Check BigGantt’s pricing. Then e-mail us your “case study” – as described in the “Small business” section above. Our support team will assist you in case study authoring. From 10% up to 95% rebates had occurred in the past. It’s truly up to your argumentation. Posting a review on Atlassian Market might result in the rebate being even greater ;)

2 How does BigGantt’s discounted pricing work? (1) With the server Jira we’ll usually e-mail you a promo link. (2) With cloud version, a manual process between SoftwarePlant and Atlassian comes into play to allow you a discount.

Free Gantt after 1 year

It’s worth noticing most Gantt charts for Jira use perpetual licensing. Once you’ve purchased your license, there is no mandatory periodic fee later… BigGantt is licensed this way as well.

BigGantt vs. other “Gantts” for Jira

As far as UX (user experience) is concerned we believe no one can match BigGantt. Just remeber: Gantt chart is all about visualization. Obviously the competition does exist and some Gantt chart add-ons are better than others.

OK, do any “unconditionally” free Jira Gantt chart add-ons exist?

None we are aware of. We’ve been developing ours since late 2013. Initially two programmers were involved, the team gradually grew to 4, and later 7 programmers. We’ve recorded over 400 fixed bugs up until now and made approx 800 amendments to the program. Indeed it’s lots of work to develop the Gantt for Jira.

Still some free options do exist:

(a) Standalone Gantt chart modules. These are not Jira add-ons – thus might not be Project Portfolio Management tools per se.

(b) Trello Gantt chart modules. Trello is small- & medium-size business oriented PPM platform, having been recently acquired by Atlassian. We are currently developing a Gantt chart add-on for Trello and are pretty confident that the 1-5 users license will be available gratis…

(c) Excel based Gantt charts – some are certainly free, but be warned – while Excel used to be a project management device in early aughts, it proved not dependable with large projects. Excel sheets and formulas tend to be erased and damaged all too easy by an inexperienced team member, and MS Excel had not been devised for collaborative working in mind.


Which leads us to dedicated project management apps like Jira and Trello – with free Gantt charts for those who care.


Gantt chart for Trello by SoftwarePlant. Licences are free of charge – check BigPicture for Trello.

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