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Jul 26

Clean, neat, and tidy. How BigPicture helped put things in order at Fideltronik.

Electronics production line

Fideltronik designs, rapidly prototypes, validates and certificates; automates and tests electronics production lines; does volume manufacturing and provides after-market services.

Fideltronik is a high-tech provider of end-to-end services for the electronics industry with over 30 years of global market experience. A family-owned company located in Southern Poland, Fideltronik defines its mission as providing continuous, high-quality support to the client, maintaining outstanding responsiveness, and facilitating client success. With this mission also comes a vision — the team is setting itself the ambitious goal of becoming the leader of Industry 4.0 revolution. How exactly is BigPicture going to assist the company in fulfilling this challenging intention?

Company: Fideltronik

Industries: Electronics, EMS

Location: Poland

Product: BigPicture

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A complex solution for a complicated business

We’re talking to Rafał Nowak, Fideltronik’s Project Manager working with one of the company’s largest clients. Rafał is responsible for new product introduction. “I oversee it all. I manage the project from the first stage of receiving a request for a quotation, through the entire lifecycle of the product, up to the phase where mass production is launched.”

Asked how complicated his business can get, Rafał explains that at the moment Fideltronik is running some massive projects that have a long life span — the development phase can take up to several years — for one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world. Dealing with several very complicated projects, the team needs to be extra sensitive to keep to the high, automotive regulations and standards. “I can confirm that with BigPicture we feel much more secure. With your tool, the chance of missing out something important has become very low.”

Before and after BigPicture

For several years Fideltronik used pure Jira, avoiding any extras. In their gut, however, the team felt that might be missing something but couldn’t precisely put their finger on it. One of the problems they were facing was having to keep track of different tasks in a variety of projects. No matter how smoothly they were proceeding on a given project, it was always problematic to show to a third party (an executive manager, an auditor or the president of the company) the actual progress being made and define the exact stage the project was at. And then, one day, someone discovered a PPM Jira add-on — BigPicture. “Score!” says Rafał, “We knew very quickly it was exactly what we’d been missing! Ever since the discovery, BigPicture allowed us to clean up the old „garbage of things” and keep our tasks transparent, clean and tidy! We always know who’s doing what and when. We can see the percentage of work already performed in connection to a single task, several undertakings and the entire project. If used right, the tool can also help you keep the costs under control and safeguard against over-allocating your resources.”

BigPicture — Small Revolution

It looks BigPicture has not only met, but exceeded Fideltronik’s expectations. “With BigPicture we’ve experienced a 180-degree change. You know the „jump” that the civilization took when we replaced paper with laptops? BigPicture has brought Fideltronik a change of similar dimensions. We moved from having to make side-notes to using an extremely supporting tool that covers the work of one or two assistants.”

What does the future hold? The Fideltronik Team says they see the potential to stop working using emails and move all internal correspondence to Jira. “We feel it’ll give us a better history, better access, and will make it a lot easier to substitute someone in case of an absence. Additionally, thanks to the BigPicture add-on, the manager can see the status of the project in the glimpse of an eye, and so does everyone else.” Fideltronik makes it clear they want more. The company is now engaging in talks with SoftwarePlant’s Business Analysts to discuss the future development of the application. “We’ve got some ideas and want to share them with SoftwarePlant to help make the awesome product even more awesome.”


Rafał NowakRafał NowakFideltronik‘s Senior Project Manager specializing in developing new products for the automotive industry. He’s a graduate from the Polish AGH University of Science and Technology trained in customer service, negotiation, project management and implementation of new products. A great believer in the need for highest quality customer service, Rafal has been successfully developing and maintaining relationships with Fideltronik‘s main clients and partners. See Rafał’s LinkedIn profile.

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