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How to learn Jira BigPicture: in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week

Jira Big Picture tutorial

Self learning is one option. Another is studying documentation or a training course with our trainer. We go through all the options below.

Since “tutorial” implies self-learning, we gathered some of our BigPicture video tutorials in this post. Keep in mind, however, that numerous organizations ordered an online or on-site BigPicture training and for a reason: it’s a comprehensive app with five modules and plenty of config options. So is it feasible to master BigPicture on your own?

BigPicture 2-minute demo

For whom: For those who want to get an idea of what project management software actually is. The video shows selected features of the “sub-apps” included in BigPicture, namely Gantt chart, roadmapping, resources and risk modules.


1-hour Jira Big Picture tutorials

BigPicture version 7.7



For whom: for those who wish to understand the foundation on which BigPicture builds, namely programs and how they relate to Jira project(s) and a portfolio of programs.

In the below, more in-depth, 5-minute tutorials of BigPicture, you’ll set up your first program.

Some crucial terms are discussed in the first video, i.e.:

  • Jira project vs. BigPicture program vs. a portfolio of programs
  • How Jira project(s) or/and Jira board(s) or/and JQL filters constitute a BigPicture program
  • cloning program templates
  • importing MS Project files into BigPicture

Once you’ve comprehended the central position of  program in BigPicture, you might want to go more in-depth with this program configuration video.


1-hour Gantt chart tutorial

Gantt chart is one of the crucial and most advanced modules in BigPicture. This proven planning technique has been around for the last 100 years. Keep in mind, however, that while the Gantt chart is certainly a waterfall methodology, other BigPicture modules, especially the roadmapping one, are agile-biased. Anyway, there is a separate tutorial video for the Gantt chart unit.


Can I really learn BigPicture in one hour?

You could grasp an idea after watching a few tutorial videos. But you are more likely to spend days or weeks to become proficient and this is why:

  • As there are five modules in BigPicture, namely roadmap, the Gantt chart, resources, risks and teams, it’s certainly a process to comprehend them all. Compare that to the much easier BigGantt tutorial.
  • While the app works fine right out of the box, you could be pleasantly surprised how customizable BigPicture is.

Learn BigPicture in a day/a week

To help you obtain a thorough in-depth understanding of BigPicture, we offer:


The good news

Jun 2020
Integrations! BigPicture talks to its peer apps more and more. With BigPicture 8, you’ll soon be able to connect TFS, many Jira Cloud/Server instances, and Trello so that you can source tasks from there and manage your portfolio under one roof. How about ‘classic’ integrations with Tempo, Portfolio for Jira, and other plugins? And is there the REST API available? Read the guide.

Jun 2020
How to run planning sessions — from Gantt chart to Scope, to Roadmap, to Risks. We discuss BigPicture modules, one by one. Read more.

Jun 2020
Are you into risk management? We compared eight risk management plugins for Jira, one of them is BigPicture. Read more.

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