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Is Jira BigPicture available in German?

AnnouncementHaving come across the ‘jira big picture Deutsch’ key phrase in Google searches, two thoughts concurrently crossed our heads. Yes, we are pleased to find SoftwarePlant’s BigPicture becoming increasingly popular with Project Managers in Germany! And, no – German-language pack is unfortunately not yet on hand…  On the positive side, though, we are making efforts at making it available as soon as practicable.

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BigPicture ‘Deutsch Sprachpaket’ needed?

We have long been aware that the German-language version of Big Picture is needed. How? We have participated in dozens of Atlassian-related events across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And so we had plenty of chances to gauge the sentiment of German-speaking project managers. Our talks with German PMs already using our flagship app have revealed that there is a demand for German-language BigPicture.

Will there be German language pack for BigPicture and BigGantt?

SoftwarePlant is committed to developing German language pack for BigPicture and we believe it will be available on the market at some point in the future. We look at it as being the question of ‘when’, rather than ‘if’. Other language versions might also follow, but since Germany is our major market, second only to the United States, it is “Deutsch Sprachpaket” which will surely be the first non-English language pack for BigPicture/BigGantt.

How important are the German, Austrian and Swiss markets for BigPicture?

German-speaking markets are crucial from our perspective. Our team of developers and trainers visit Germany, Austria and Switzerland more often than we travel to North America. We keep an eye on the ‘Agile revolution’ progressing through Germany. Yet, at the same time, we are also aware that the majority of German organizations keep working waterfall-style, at least to some extent. This is why they value our Gantt chart. And we obviously put a lot of effort into the development of this module. Looking to further grow in these markets while skillfully facilitating the work of German-speaking PMs, we have committed to adding value by value to make our flagship product – BigPicture, exactly the tool you need!
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July 2019
New Reporting component for BigPicture 7.3 and the corresponding version of BP Enterprise is scheduled for a release in July. Pie and column charts, as well as spreadsheet-style reports,  will be available – more.
July 2019
Find a perfect match – new in BigPicture 7.3. Assign tasks semi-automatically. Get five best candidates (individuals or teams) based on skills and/or remaining capacity – more.
June 2019
The entirely new BigPicture 7.2 and BigGantt 4.0 are now available from Atlassian Marketplace. Most clients upgrade for free – here is why&how. The new versions are full of new features, such as Board 2.0, inline editing, rescheduling of tasks based on assignee’s days off, and many more. List of new features

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