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BigPicture integrations: Azure DevOps, Jira(s), Trello, Marketplace plugins. BigPicture 8 contribution

BigPicture integrations

Not just one, but many Jira Server and Cloud instances can supply tasks to BigPicture 8. Azure DevOps Server and Trello follow suit.

BigPicture is evolving towards an “umbrella” portfolio management app. Hence, it will integrate more and more with popular issue trackers/task management software. BigPicture version 8 can source tasks from Trello, but sockets for Azure DevOps Server, as well as for many instances of Jira Cloud/Server, will follow. On the other side of the spectrum, even earlier versions of BigPicture could exchange information with Atlassian plugins, such as Tempo, Portfolio for Jira, and even ScriptRunner. Also note, that BigPicture has an API so that you can design your custom app-to-app bridges. Let’s discuss the current state and the future of BigPicture integrations.


BigPicture 8 ‘milestone’ integrations

BigPicture version 8 is a 2020 premiere, yet still under development and testing at the time of writing. Throughout the lifespan of BigPicture 8 (~2020-2022) we’re going to integrate the app with the following software:

Tool When will it integrate with BigPicture
Trello BigPicture 8, in 2020
Jira Cloud/Server – 2nd, 3rd+ instance 2020-2021
Azure DevOps Server, formerly Microsoft TFS 2020-2021
Rally software, Google Calendar will follow


Now, what do the software packages from the table have in common? They are not that great at delivering the big picture (panorama, progress) of projects, products, or programs an organization might have in the portfolio. Not to mention that team A could prefer TFS, while team B could love Trello, while team C could make heavy use of Jira. Here, BigPicture steps in.

Known as a project management solution for Jira, BigPicture will evolve towards the ‘umbrella’ app in the coming years. BigPicture 8 will suck tasks from Azure DevOps, many instances of Jira Cloud/Server, as well as from Trello.


Say, you’ve built a portfolio in BigPicture, with program A connected to a Jira instance, project B sourcing tasks from a Trello Kanban board, and a LeSS requirement area sucking issues from a TFS instance. This huge task collection of various origins can be managed with BigPicture’s Gantt charts, roadmaps, Scope views, Resource management modules, Risks, and Reports. With BigPicture 8, a CEO could potentially observe the single bar reporting on the progress of this portfolio of agile, hybrid, and waterfall projects, products, or programs.

Jira Cloud, Server, Trello integration

Adding a Trello instance to ART1 [Box]. Any project or program or product is a [Box] in BigPicture 8.

Marketplace plugins

The following integrations were present in BigPicture 6 and 7 and will be retained in BigPicture 8 and later versions.

Tempo integration

Tempo integration, Big Picture Enterprise

Integration of BigPicture and Tempo.

Synchronize BigPicture’s Workload Plans, Holiday Plans, Teams, and Skills with their counterparts in Tempo Timesheets, Planner, and Budgets. You need BigPicture Enterprise Server/Data Center extension for that.

More in Docs

Advanced Roadmaps

(Portfolio for Jira)

Use the sophisticated Gantt chart view available in BigPicture and BigGantt to manage tasks originating from Advanced Roadmaps. BigPicture and BigGantt recognize:

  • the hierarchy of tasks – the “Parent link” custom field of Advanced Roadmaps (Portfolio)
  • the “Team” custom field of Advanced Roadmaps

Read more

Custom fields of various plugins

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to add a traffic-light to BigPicture/BigGantt Gantt chart or Scope view? Or the Scripted field from the immensely popular ScriptRunner for Jira? Or ‘Calculated…’ and ‘Transition…’ families of fields from Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) by Innovalog. BigPicture and BigGantt recognize custom fields from a bunch of popular and even quite niche add-ons that you could have gotten from Atlassian Marketplace.

Check this detailed report.

Custom fields in Gantt chart

Four custom fields (notice the green dots) from different third-party add-ons (Color Custom Fields by Andrey V Markelov, CRM for Jira by Teamlead, Traffic-Lights for Jira by Frank Polscheit, Elements Connect by Elements) have been added to the above Gantt chart.


BigPicture API

The API lets you connect a custom bridge between your in-home app and BigPicture. As of now, it’s a private REST API, so it has its limitations. Still, many clients make use of it. It’s an opportunity for automation. If you are familiar with the select, update and insert, then give this quick tutorial on BigPicture API a try.


Widgets and Gadgets for Jira

Yet another form of integration. BigPicture can export its Overview (portfolio) view, Gantt chart view, and Risk matrix view to a Jira dashboard and Confluence Server/Data Center pages. Watch the video below.



The good news

Sep 2020
The integration with Trello arriving in BigPicture 8, paves the way for BP to “umbrella portfolio management” league. Let teams in your organization enjoy the tools they love, yet keep an eye on the big picture with Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Program Boards that BigPicture has. More on the new Trello-BigPicture interface.

Sep 2020
The release of BigPicture 8 is fast approaching. So far, we’ve debated on new features version 8 is bringing, such as [Boxes], new Gantt chart 2.0, and Scenarios. Let’s have a closer look at the practical aspect – how to upgrade to BigPicture 8 if you’re on version 7.

Aug 2020
Lately, there seems to be a trend of letting teams keep the tools they love. At this point ‘umbrella’ portfolio management software must step in. Umbrella-style BigPicture 8 has flexible [Boxes] rather than programs, and these boxes can source tasks from Trello and Jira Cloud/Server instances. Azure DevOps and Rally integrations will follow. Check CEO’s, PM’s, team member’s, and admin’s perspectives on BigPicture 8.

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