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Integration technology with BigPicture Enterprise

Back in 2008, a group of enthusiasts decided to help IT professionals struggling toget their company’s IT – with all of its languages and functions – to work together. This is their story.

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Company: Epicon

Industry: IT management, integrations

Location: Canberra | Australia

Product: bpe_blog

Back in 2008, a group of enthusiasts decided to help IT professionals struggling to get their company’s IT – with all of its languages and functions – to work together and created Epicon. They were tech geeks with a passion for innovation and a proven track record in Enterprise IT who developed a solution that would become the world’s first Enterprise IT Management integration platform.

Integration technology for information technology

They’re now helping solve some the key challenges facing enterprise IT. Their integration technology enables enterprises to seamlessly connect all IT management systems – regardless of the vendor – to create a single unified environment.
The company doesn’t just install tools or products, but works with customers to deliver a robust IT strategy that meets their needs. Epicon is dedicated to being a hive for innovation – and a really fun place to work!


The struggle to deal with

Epicon is a software vendor and professional services organization that has both R&D and Support departments. The implementation methodology combines both Waterfall and Agile. Waterfall allows them to work with closed requirements and communicate better with customers, and Agile provides the visibility, empowered teams and flexibility. The challenge they faced before implementing BigPicture Enterprise was that Project Managers needed to manage the project schedule and the Agile board separately – which caused a significant admin overhead. Additionally, they introduced a new resource management procedure. Epicon found itself needing a tool that integrated well with JIRA, and with Project Management tool of choice in order to reduce complexity. Head of Quality and Assurance, Naama Lev said:

The tool provides us visibility of project status. The seamless integration with JIRA is a great advantage. It is easy to use and intuitive. The Resource Management module is effective in helping us map our resources.

A perfect bundle

Epicon tested many tools and came across BigPicture Enterprise. Substantial advantage in seamless integration with JIRA and the fact that no extra configuration needed to be made in order to see the same JIRA issues in a Gantt chart presentation and the Agile module was a substantial deal-breaker. The fact that BigPicture Enterprise provides visibility of resource allocation across all projects is beneficial for their resource management procedure.

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