Is Jira + BigPicture/BigGantt present in Your industry?

Can you find your industry among the below case studies? Before project management addons arrived in the early 2010s, Jira had been thought of as an issue tracker. However, the world has changed. With PM plugins on top, Jira is now a proven project management solution. Jira and BigPicture / BigGantt, serve project management purposes throughout both new age and classic industries.

So, have you located your sector in the above portfolio?

Some industries tend to work agile style, while others use waterfall project management methodologies. Most sectors mix the two – read about hybrid project management in Jira + BigPicture.

Be brave ;) and try BigPicture / BigGantt 30 days free.


Step by step – how to use Jira BigPicture by industry

Construction sector
Media & marketing