Aug 05

How Humbel moves through the gears with BigPicture

Our logo contains quite a few cogs/gears, and so we were delighted to notice that recently Humbel Gears became our customer! It’s a leader in the gear production market since 1928. Humbel plays a leading role in the industry as a center of expertise for everything associated with innovative gear technology. With four production locations in Europe and in Asia and 400 employees in total, Humbel Group is well poised.

Their products are using in Formula 1 and Moto GP racing, airplanes, railways, armored military vehicles, excavators and many other cool areas. The company needed a tool to provide the literal big pciture – an voerview of their initiative and a single space to plan, execute and track many different projects.

FireShot Screen Capture #261 - 'Humbel Gears - Vehicles' - www_humbel-gears_com_en_business-fields_vehicles

BigPicture is being used across the whole company, in:

  • IT: planning of IT portfolio & IT projects, resource planning, IT strategy visualization
  • Accounting: visual months-end planning, accounting project planning
  • Engineering and R&D: planning of engineering & development projects
  • Management/business units: Customer project planning, internal project and task planning, business strategy visualization



323“As long time user and fan of JIRA in all business departments, I always used to plan and organize projects in a third party tool before implementing the tasks to JIRA. SoftwarePlant closes the gap between the strong priority driven task management in JIRA and a (visual) project + resource planning and reporting with the user friendly, but yet powerful plugin BigPicture”.

Christian Fischer, CIO, Humbel Gears Group

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