Nov 08

Housing for the disadvantaged with BigPicture

VincentCare Victoria is one of the leading providers of Specialist Housing Services. They provide care, hope and advocacy for Victoria’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people

The IT department is small, but they’re really making a difference to the way the organization operated. Company’s Single Client Record is a significant achievement, it makes a large part of the digital transformative VincentCare is going through and it will assist the clients so they only have to tell their story once. For people at a particularly stressful or vulnerable time in their lives, reducing the often frustrating process of having to tell their story over and over again is significant. From an organizational perspective the Single Client Record means that VincentCare can manage data more effectively, report more concisely and effectively on data that until now they simply couldn’t produce.


VincentCare were using JIRA and wanted to expand their use of it – and BigPicture was highly recommended in many reviews, so they decided to try it! Turns out, BigPicture was just the software they wanted.  This meant the company could use JIRA for all their projects, rather than just issue management and defect management. Before this transition, VincentCare were using a really expensive product that wasn’t as intuitive and although it provided Gantt charts, it did not provide the required workflow process. It didn’t have the drag and drop functionality; it was restrictive in how they could use it.


BigPicture is used to manage the subsequent phases of the single Client Record roll-out, which will make it really easy to manage the projects and have full visibility of every task. It will help ensure successful implementation and the completion of this massive project. Reporting is now a lot easier, seeing where the company members currently are with a project and being able to share it with everyone in the organization.

suzanne-hallThe BigPicture plugin for JIRA has really helped us chart all our work plans and streamline our project management. It’s really easy to see visually where we are at and the functionality makes it easy to use. It’s simple, intuitive and I think it looks really nice as well.

One of the best things about BigPicture is that when you update anything in JIRA it automatically syncs – it’s fantastic.

Suzanne Hall, ICT Manager, VincentCare Victoria

BigPicture is currently in a stage of adoption. In the near future VincentCare hopes to roll it from IT to other departments within the organization, such as Quality, Finance and Corporate Services. They do see the potential of using it across the whole organization, around 300 staff members total.



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