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How Google Trends help a Jira marketer?

How to promote Jira apps

How to market apps for Jira with Google Trends?

Say you have to make a serious marketing decision. Remember Einstein’s quote “Spend 55 minutes defining a problem, and than 5 minutes solving it”? There is a tool that does just that by helping you to avoid incorrect assumptions upfront. Below are a few examples of how Google Trends has aided us in marketing our BigPicture project management app for Jira.

Has MS Project been losing out in favour of Jira?

It’s a commonly held belief in our organization that Microsoft Project has been losing and Jira gaining in popularity. I intended to use that statement in some marketing article, but doubts arose. Is MS Project really losing out around the world? Is Jira actually constantly gaining in popularity? It would be stupid and irresponsible to include a false thesis in SoftwarePlant’s blog article.

Fortunately, Google Trends told us what others think on “MS Project vs. Jira battle”, so confirming our gut feelings. Check the graph below.


Is Jira gaining popularity in Germany?

It has also been our gut feeling, that Germany was the most important European market for our BigPicture project management app. We planned a series of SEO articles aimed at the German market, but authoring them would have been hugely time consuming. Wouldn’t it be wise to confirm Jira’s growing popularity in Germany in the first place? Luckily, Google Trends allows isolation of a key phrase’s popularity on a single market. The graph below suggests Jira’s increasing popularity in Google.de.


Jira Server vs. Jira Cloud?

It’s common knowledge that the popularity of Jira Cloud has exploded over the last three years. If this is so, has “Jira Server”, the on-premise version of Atlassian software, been losing out? Not so much – check the graph below. Google Trends says that while the SaaS (Software as a Service) Jira has, in fact, been sky-rocketing since mid-2014, the Jira Server variant is constantly on the rise, too.


But there are markets, such as Brazil and Japan, where Jira Cloud might have defeated Jira Server already:


Visual project management

As our BigPicture app is all about visualisation, the “Visual Project Management” generic key phrase looked promising to us. Was it in fact trendy enough to spend hours authoring a marketing article on that topic? The below graph supports that idea to an extent.



Google Trends is a decision maker’s dream. Every marketing manager and CEO should have Google Trends bookmarked in their browsers. Try the popularity of “Bitcoin” as a key phrase, then compare it to Bitcoin’s price graph. Do they overlay? Google Trends surely helps managers to make better decisions. Stay ahead of the curve with this great service.

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