BigPicture discounts. Rare – why?

Big Picture discounts couponOur project management apps are reasonably priced, and so your BigPicture or BigGantt subscription rarely qualifies for a discount. Yet there are community discounts and discounted ‘app + training’ packages. Look at it from this perspective: would it be fair if we overpriced our apps and gave away discounts only to those who cared enough?

If any of the options apply to you, contact sales (a)

Community discount

We match Atlassian’s policy on Academic and Community discounts. Simply google ‘atlassian community pricing’. We don’t quote their exact rebates, as they change them occasionally. If you qualify for, say a 75% discount for an Atlassian product, you’ll get the same reduction for BigPicture and BigGantt. Contact sales (a)

License + training bundle

We give a discount of 5% to those who order a BigPicture/BigGantt license together with a paid training. The discount applies to both the subscription and the training fee. Please, contact sales (a)

Other cases

Still, you’d like to talk. E-mail us at sales (a) First, compare BigPicture pricing to what other members of Big4 offer. Also, consider, how does BigPicture compare to Jira Align, a big player. Other options:

  • Use your 30-day trial period
  • get a free or discounted BigGantt license – more

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The good news

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