Dec 12

Custom fields from third-party Jira apps in BigPicture and BigGantt

  • Custom fields from third party apps can be viewed on the Gantt chart in BigPicture and BigGantt
  • Newly covered plugins include: Tempo Budgets, CRM for Jira by Teamlead, nFeed by Valiantys, Jira Misc Custom Fields by Innovalog, Traffic-Lights for Jira by Frank Polscheit, Zones by celix Solutions and others. See table for a complete list
  • Improved integration between BigPicture and BigGantt PPM tools and third-party Jira addons


Custom fields on Gantt

Five custom fields from two third party addons (Color Custom Fields by Andrey V Markelov, CRM for Jira by Teamlead) have been added to the pictured Gantt chart.

Users routinely need more than Jira has to offer. Fortunately, Atlassian Marketplace was born, where vendors publish their extensions, properly called apps. Several hundred vendors offer their apps, making Jira a prominent, powerful tool. Users choose from CRM or accounting apps or simple addons that color issues by their status. BigPicture is one of the most sophisticated apps on Marketplace…

There used to be a big “BUT” with third-party apps… They lacked the bigpicture view. As they came from different developers, they seldom exchanged information with each other. For example, you wouldn’t be able to view a project risk related to a given client through the CRM app. Instead you would have to check the “plain” Jira to discover information coming from different apps. This age is now coming to an end with the custom fields in BigPicture.

Plenty of Jira users have requested custom fields from third-party apps to appear on the Gantt chart in BigPicture and BigGantt. Our developers have taken on these requests and, here you go – a bunch of custom fields from third party Jira add-ons that can be added to Softwareplant’s Gantt perspectives.

Table 1: Fields in third-party Jira apps available in SoftwarePlant Gantt charts

Jira app name Author Fields integrated into BigPicture, BigGantt

Color Custom Fields

Andrey V Markelov
  • Picker Color Custom Field
  • Select Color Custom Field

CRM for Jira – Customers & Sales

  • CRM Company
  • CRM Company (Deprecated)
  • CRM Contact
  • Contacts CRM
  • CRM Contact (Deprecated)
  • CRM Companies select field
  • CRM Custom Directory
  • CRM Custom directory (Deprecated)
  • CRM Multiple Custom Directory
  • CRM Products Select
  • CRM Property
  • Crm Select Custom Field
  • CRM Select Property
  • CRM Single Product Select

Jira Misc Custom Fields

  • Calculated Date/Time Field
  • Calculated Number Field
  • Calculated Text Field
  • Transition Caller Field
  • Parent Status Field
  • Transition Count Field
  • Transition Date/Time Field

nFeed – external data in custom fields

  • nFeed
  • nFeed – Date
  • nFeed – DateTime
  • nFeed – User
  • nFeed (deprecated)

Portfolio for Jira

  • Team
  • Parent link, more

Profields – Jira Project Custom Fields

  • Date Field
  • List Field
  • Number Field
  • Orginal Estimate Field
  • Text Field
  • User Picker Field
  • List Field

ScriptRunner for Jira

  • Scripted Field

Traffic-Lights for Jira

Frank Polscheit
  • traffic-light field


celix Solutions
  • Zone Field
  • Zones Autocomplete MultiUser Picker
  • Zones Autocomplete User Picker
  • Zones Multi User Picker


How to add a custom field from a third party app to BigPicture or BigGantt?

  1. Have both your third party app and BigPicture/BigGantt installed in Jira
  2. Get to the Gantt screen
  3. Press Settings, i.e. the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner; you need to be a Jira admin to see the icon
  4. Custom fields from the third party plugin should be visible at this stage in Available fields, as pictured below
  5. Drag and drop a choice of fields to Selected fields. They will form columns of the Gantt

Custom fields, perspective configuration


Custom fields on the Gantt chart will:

  1. deliver complete information on a single screen
  2. give a wider perspective to a project manager
  3. save your time, as you don’t have to click through a gazillion issues


The good news
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Dec 2019
BigPicture has now the ‘Extra Working days’, if you occasionally work on Saturdays or Sundays. Find the feature in Holiday Plans – see a tutorial.
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