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Context matters. Right-click menus in BigPicture and BigGantt

Mouse right-click, context menuContext menus activated by a right-click of a mouse are coming to BigPicture and BigGantt in 2020. Right-click a task to change its status from ‘In progress’ to ‘Done’ or right-click an objective on the Roadmap to mark it ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’. Or, perhaps, change a task’s color on the Gantt chart. Context menus are available throughout BigPicture version 8 – in Portfolio Overview (formerly Program Manager), Scope, Roadmap, Program Board, Gantt chart, Risks, and other modules. Have a look at the below screen captures.

Web browsers’ native context menus remain available in many spots. So, the much appreciated ‘Open link in New Tab’ menu item should still be there when you need it. To display the native context menu of your browser, rather than the BigPicture’s in-app one, right-click on an active link – on those blue anchor texts evident in the ‘id’ and ‘Name’ columns in the below screenshot.

Context menu BigPicture Portfolio view

Right-click on a Program Increment to change its status from ‘Not started’ to ‘In progress’. Context menus are available starting BigPicture version 8.



In-app context menus will be available for every BigPicture user starting version 8, mid-2020.

In BigGantt, the right-click menus will be available starting version 5, around the summer of 2020, too.


Note that both apps will receive a new, user-friendly Gantt chart, so we take this opportunity to showcase it here. You can activate the context menu on each task, story, or epic.

New Gantt chart with right-click menu

The new Gantt chart with its context menu. Mouse right-click to change the scheduling mode of a task, for instance.


Roadmap module has right-clickable headers. Quickly change the status of an Iteration or a Program Increment (Not started – In progress – Closed).

As for right-clicking the objectives, have a look at the below screenshot. The context menu here is more sophisticated and lets you stretch the goals over several iterations, among others.

Jira BigPicture 8 Roadmap context menus

BigPicture 8 Roadmap. Both goals and iterations and Program Increments have their context menus.



BigPicture 8 is a landmark edition, and so it focuses on big things, such as Portfolio management [Boxes] and integrations with external instances of Jira, Trello, and TFS. It delivers, however, plenty of new pro-user experience refinements, such as the right-click context menus.


The good news

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