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Conquer the sky with BigPicture

Lola Tech is a pioneering airline software business leading the field in travel tech innovation.

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Company: Lola Tech

Industry: business software

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Product: bp_blog


Lola Tech is a pioneering airline software business leading the field in travel tech innovation.  With big-name clients across the world, it helps airline and tourism operators become more competitive with stronger, more scaleable systems and ground-breaking interfaces. It specialises in high volume transaction systems, including a $1bn-a-year e-commerce website for the world’s most profitable airline.

Lola Tech is also a market-leader in using conversational interfaces to deliver brilliantly innovative and inspiring customer experience. Our travel focused expertise and products are proven to deliver substantial competitive advantage.



The good news

Sep 2020
The integration with Trello arriving in BigPicture 8, paves the way for BP to “umbrella portfolio management” league. Let teams in your organization enjoy the tools they love, yet keep an eye on the big picture with Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Program Boards that BigPicture has. More on the new Trello-BigPicture interface.

Sep 2020
The release of BigPicture 8 is fast approaching. So far, we’ve debated on new features version 8 is bringing, such as [Boxes], new Gantt chart 2.0, and Scenarios. Let’s have a closer look at the practical aspect – how to upgrade to BigPicture 8 if you’re on version 7.

Aug 2020
Lately, there seems to be a trend of letting teams keep the tools they love. At this point ‘umbrella’ portfolio management software must step in. Umbrella-style BigPicture 8 has flexible [Boxes] rather than programs, and these boxes can source tasks from Trello and Jira Cloud/Server instances. Azure DevOps and Rally integrations will follow. Check CEO’s, PM’s, team member’s, and admin’s perspectives on BigPicture 8.

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