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How do they compare to each other? BigGantt, Big Picture, BigPicture Enterprise, and other Jira apps. Check our apps comparison chart below.

A picture is worth a thousand words. As a rule of thumb, our add-ons focus on visualizing. Sure, Jira does a great job managing projects. We do even better presenting, aggregating and filtering 100k of tasks, and in a comprehensible format.

Standalone is the majority of our Jira apps. This means: any addon requires just Jira and no other plugin from the palette. A notable exception exists though: BigPicture Enterprise. It builds on regular BigPicture, so you need both: BigPicture and BigPicture Enterprise to use the latter’s functionalities.

Table 1: Compare Jira project management apps by SoftwarePlant

Functionality Example 2
Program manager / Overview
with predefined [Box] types
Starting BigPicture 7.10, the Program manager is renamed ‘Overview’. yes1 yes yes
Unlimited configuration of [Box] types. Create new [Box] types. Think of [Boxes] as high-level, custom containers/parent items, such as portfolios, phases, ARTs. They behave depending on how you program them.
[Boxes] are available in BigPicture version 8, and the corresponding BigPicture Enterprise ver. 4, and later.
Gantt chart Graphically represent tasks’ duration in time yes1 yes yes
Create a collapsible project’s structure that will group tasks and task templates yes1 yes yes
Visualize critical path Filter out five of 100 tasks that directly influence the project’s finish date. yes1 yes yes
Project work grouped in numerous ways As in Excel pivot table. Group foods by meats, bakery, poultry. In project management language by status or resource. List untouched tasks. yes1 yes yes
A project’s Work Breakdown Structure Subdivide your project into easier-to-tackle smaller projects. yes1 yes yes
Scope—a standalone work breakdown structure module Do top-down planning; observe your project using customizable views; aggregate story points, time; filter 100k of tasks with quick filters, text filters, and JQL; more yes1 yes
Roadmap for synchronized teams Set objectives, expressed in a free text, descriptive format, for the upcoming sprints and iterations. The further into the future, the more approximate your plan is going to be. yes1 yes
Agile board for synchronized teams Plan the upcoming iterations: assign tasks from the backlog to teams. yes1 yes
Synchronize Program Increment (PI) # between Program Board and Jira issue detail view (2-way). yes
Managing resources allocation with a focus on teams and skills Filter out underallocated resources and assign extra work to them. Filter out overallocated skills and pass that information to your hiring manager. yes1 yes
Show all the tasks across all created programs to which your resources are assigned. yes
Synchronize your Workload Plans, Holiday Plans, Teams, and Skills with their counterparts in TEMPO Timesheets, Planner, Budgets. Available for Server and Data Center hostings. yes
Import / export from MS Project / Excel Import your “Launch new bicycle line to the market” plan from MS Project. yes
Risk management matrix and register Screenshot

Use a predefined matrix or define your own titles of the axes and their values. For instance, you can build a SAFe ROAM matrix.

yes1 yes
Role schemes supporting a variety of project management methodologies Create product owner or scrum master roles for your agile processes. yes
Reporting Quickly check how much work remains to be done – more on measuring progress. yes yes yes
Reports module Use five predefined drill through reports measuring progress. Choose their format: bar/pie charts, spreadsheet-like reports yes1 yes
Add new reports. Customize the grid of the Reports module. yes
Reports overlay on the Roadmap module measuring iteration progress yes1 yes
measuring Program Increment progress yes
Reports overlay on the Board module measuring iteration progress yes1 yes
measuring Program Increment progress yes
Export issues to a printable format Print Letter/A4 overview of an issue; templates are configurable. yes
Export whole Gantt charts in xlsx, pdf, png, jpg, bmp formats yes
Export/import MS Project files in mpp/mpx format, more yes
SAFe – methodology yes yes yes
Portfolio Level yes
Solution Level yes
Program Level yes yes
Roles Management yes
In-depth comparisons BP Enterprise vs. BigPicture BigGantt vs. BigPicture

1 BigPicture Enterprise is an expansion pack for BigPicture plugin.

2 version 2.0 and up

Note that there is also BigPicture for Trello, featuring a Gantt chart module. For the moment Trello BigPicture does not have, however, other components present in BigPicture for Jira, such as scope, roadmap, program board, risks, and resources.


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Our recommendation: go with BigPicture. It is the most comprehensive of our apps and designed to meet the demands of today professional project manager, such as Stefan:

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