Apr 06
california highway

Road to Barcelona – episode 3

Throwback Thursday! Organizing a trip to this year's Summit in Barcelona brought our minds back to last year's event in San Jose, California. It was an eventful... event with plenty of people to meet, attractions and entertainment, both business and travel-wise. Here, we'd like to take you down memory lane to spend last... read more →
Mar 31

Integration technology with BigPicture Enterprise

Back in 2008, a group of enthusiasts decided to help IT professionals struggling toget their company’s IT – with all of its languages and functions – to work together. This is their story. (more…)
Mar 30

Betcha didn’t know… #3

I bet you did not know that one the most popular project management and workflow charts - Gantt - was not actually invented by Mr. Henry Gantt. By who then? Back in the late 19th century, circa 1896, a polish engineer named Karol Adamiecki developed a novel method of displaying... read more →
Mar 28
Fira de Barcelona

Road to Barcelona – episode 2

Oh boy, the Summit can't come quick enough. The preparations are well underway here at SoftwarePlant. We're shipping 4 full bags of giveaways and we expect to bring none back! So what can be expected from this year's Atlassian Summit? Networking There will be thousands... read more →
Mar 20
Atlassian Summit Barcelona 2017

Road to Barcelona – episode 1

This year will be the first time Atlassian will host its Summit in Europe. People from all over the world will meet in beautiful Barcelona to get inspired and learn the foundations of success using Atlassian tools. Once again, however, SoftwarePlant will be there, supporting the community as a Gold... read more →
Feb 06
Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 11.52.32 AM

Betcha didn’t know… #2

I bet you did not know that our add-on’s sample data tells a story of a hero on a quest for greatness… and a girl, of course. In order to present the functionalities of our product, developers came up with a fable of an unnamed protagonist, where the main and... read more →
Jan 23
SoftwarePlant sponsors webpack

SoftwarePlant becomes the official sponsor of webpack

We have proudly become one of the sponsors of webpack - a cutting-edge technology that benefits front-end developers when building complex applications with many non-code static assets. It is essentially a module bundler whose growth skyrocketed recently as it is used in more and more web projects. The beauty and advantage of webpack over... read more →
Jan 20
BigGantt active installs

Betcha didn’t know… #1

I bet you did not know that our BigGantt plugin for JIRA is the highest rated Gantt chart plugin on the market. In its relatively short life, BigGantt has grown to become an asset downloaded close to 11 000 times and gained top ranked position. We’re not surprised though. We... read more →
Jan 11
MS Project import

BigPicture here with a big announcement.

I've matured to version 6.1 It's been another few months of growth mixed with hard work, thrilling foosball matches, and tear-jerking demos here at SoftwarePlant. Our products are getting ol... more sophisticated and so, without further ado, we are proud to unveil more complete and perfected version of BigPicture. With hands... read more →
Jan 04

Synchronizing the masterpiece with BigPicture

It was a windy morning just before Christmas when we had a pleasure of contacting Mario Cupelli, a CTO at HighTec to discuss their experience with BigPicture. Mario told us about challenges that project management teams at HighTec run into as a consequence of growing product portfolio and motivation behind... read more →