Oct 12

Project Risk Assessment EXAMPLES

Risks, contrary to issues, may happen during the life of a project but not necessarily will. You'll want to identify the risks that really threaten the project - those with high "probability multiplied by impact" indicator. How to carry out the project risk assessment? Let's look at examples... Project risk... read more →
Sep 13
Sep 03
JIRA Gantt chart free

FREE Jira Gantt chart plug-in – how to get one?

Gantt chart is one of the most desirable add-ons for JIRA. What is the rationale behind this? People tend to internalize pictures easier than text. And this is exactly what the Gantt chart is all about - to visualize the workflow of your project. Nevertheless Gantt charts are not a... read more →
Aug 02

Time for a Structural Breakdown with WBS!

There’s a new addition to our BigFamily and its name is WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). A module which gives you even more control over your project and the clarity of view you could never dream about. It is finally here and it is simply waiting to make your life much... read more →
Jul 21

Mobile-delivered insurance with BigPicture

BIMA is a leading insurance tech player that uses mobile technology to disrupt the global insurance industry and fuel financial inclusion. Our model combines the power of mobile technology with a unique agent-led approach to consumer education to bring insurance to emerging markets. (more…)
Jul 02

Confitura 2018, 2017, 2016. What to expect?

So you're deciding whether to head for Confitura 2018... Learn what's behind the scenes from the major sponsor of Confitura Java Conference. Should an "ordinary" Java developer attend Confitura (or Konfitura) and what to expect? Softwareplant's chill out zone at 2017 Confitura deserved a recognition. Breakfast,... read more →
May 17
May 10
Whole booth crew from SoftwarePlant

Road to Barcelona – recap

Atlassian Summit 2017 in Barcelona is in the books, but we can still feel its vibe and buzz. Now that we've settled down it's time to recap what we've learnt and experienced over the course of those couple days in Catalonia. It definitely was an amazing and unique experience that brought together... read more →
Apr 28

Road to Barcelona – episode 5

This is the last installment of our series before we head out to Barcelona for Atlassian Summit. We're just about done gearing up for the event, which ain't an easy task if you have over 150kg of materials to ship! That's like me and a half... Anyways, excitements is off... read more →
Apr 13
road to barcelona

Road to Barcelona – episode 4

Summit Preparation Manual Not sure how to get ready for the Summit this year? We've got you covered. Below you'll find an exhaustive (barely) checklist of to-dos that we lined up for you to use if you're in doubt. Check it! Set a goal - figure out what it is... read more →