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Jun 02

Roadmaps in Jira explained

Think of a roadmap as a bird’s eye view of the entire project. A roadmap is a high-level plan, or a strategy, visualized on a timeline. How to have a roadmap in Jira? Do I need a plugin or app? What is Jira roadmapping? Roadmap associations Roadmaps are about: Strategy,... read more →
May 29
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May 04

How to gear Jira for a Large Enterprise?

Jira for an enterprise
Let's suppose you're a big multinational company. Is it reasonable for a large enterprise to choose Jira as a long-term project/product management solution? How to set it up to increase the chances of company-wide adoption? If an overseas subsidiary rejects Jira, in favor of their 'local' Trello instance, could it... read more →
May 03
Apr 27

Asset management with BigPicture and STAGIL Assets

Asset management in Jira
Clients keep asking: what can BigPicture and BigGantt do in terms of asset management? You can have an asset registry in Jira + BigPicture. You can also print inventory management documents and manage risks associated with assets. There are, however, dedicated asset management plugins, such as STAGIL Assets, a product... read more →