Jun 23
Jun 19

How to plan work in BigPicture? From Gantt chart to Risks.

Jira BigPicture planning
Here's a quick tutorial on how you do long-, medium-, and short-term planning in Jira BigPicture. Go module by module, and learn common planning patterns, be it Gantt chart, Risks, agile Roadmap, or Program Board. Even if you're an experienced user, you might have overlooked certain BigPicture modules. So, this... read more →
Jun 05
Jun 02

Roadmaps in Jira explained

Think of a roadmap as a bird’s eye view of the entire project. A roadmap is a high-level plan, or a strategy, visualized on a timeline. How to have a roadmap in Jira? Do I need a plugin or app? What is Jira roadmapping? Roadmap associations Roadmaps are about: Strategy,... read more →
May 29
May 27
May 22
May 11
May 08
May 04

How to gear Jira for a Large Enterprise?

Jira for an enterprise
Let's suppose you're a big multinational company. Is it reasonable for a large enterprise to choose Jira as a long-term project/product management solution? How to set it up to increase the chances of company-wide adoption? If an overseas subsidiary rejects Jira, in favor of their 'local' Trello instance, could it... read more →