Feb 28
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Feb 18

How to go about Product Management in Jira?

A great Product Manager innovates and motivates more than they make plans or resource management. A Jira-based product manager is no exception to that rule: a simple roadmap and cross-team dependency board are tools to go with. What's the workflow of a Product Manager (as opposed to a Project manager).... read more →
Feb 11
Work-breakdown structure

Four approaches to WBS in BigPicture / BigGantt

To most users, Jira's standard work breakdown structure (a.k.a. Epic –> Story –> Sub-task) is not enough. They need a visual WBS, and this is delivered by addons available from Atlassian Marketplace. These plugins can build their graphical, drillable WBS on Jira's native issue links, such as 'relates to' or... read more →
Feb 07
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Jan 23

Architektura multi-tenant na przykładzie produktów SoftwarePlant

Do you prefer to read this in English? Click here Aby dobrze zrozumieć mechanizm działania architektury wielo-tenantowej, należy zacząć od zrozumienia różnic między poszczególnymi modelami dystrybucji oprogramowania: single-tenant i multi-tenant. W obydwu przypadkach odbiorcą usługi jest tzw. ‘tenant’ lub inaczej ‘dzierżawca’. W praktyce, słowem tym najczęściej określa się wszystkich pracowników... read more →
Jan 21
Jan 10

Is Jira a viable and risk-free Project Management tool?

'Is Jira a viable project management tool?' – are you ready for a different perspective on this eternal question? Short answer: technically, it's not that great for an average industry. Long answer: for the last 20 years, Jira has only been winning the market share. Why? Jira diversifies your risks.... read more →
Jan 03

How to have multiple project management methodologies in Jira?

Jira is officially an agile project management system. Even when Atlassian states Jira does 'mixed' PM, they still mean Scrumban or Kanplan. Meanwhile, various non-software industries increasingly rely on Jira and these organizations tend to practice both waterfall and agile methodologies. Let's see how to maintain a hybrid, cross-methodology environment... read more →