Sep 18
Sep 11
Big Picture 7 for Jira

BigPicture 7. What’s changing?

Are you using Jira for managing projects? BigPicture version 7 is coming this year. What's new and how to upgrade from BigPicture 6? BigPicture is one of the most popular Project Portfolio Management plugins for Jira. It features resource, roadmapping, risks, teams, the Gantt chart modules and is SAFe compliant. It's been a year and a half since the... read more →
Aug 30

Video Game Creators Need PPM, Too!

Video games took modern society by storm. You can even study them and obtain a Ph.D. in the field! Games are now a part of our daily lives and they continue to gain ground. The gaming industry maintains its status of one of the biggest and fastest growing ones out... read more →
Aug 27
SoftwarePlant at Atlassian Summit Europe

Meet us at Atlassian Summit Europe 2018!

Atlassian Summit Europe 2018, here we come! Come see us at booth G12 and learn more about BigPicture, our PPM app! If you're interested in Agile, Waterfall, or anything in between, we'd love to chat with you and find out how our software can help you achieve your goals.  ... read more →
Aug 14

How to use ASAP scheduling on a Gantt chart in Jira

One reason project managers stick to MS Project is its ingenious ASAP, or As Soon As Possible scheduling mode. ASAP planning ensures that there is no unnecessary standstill in your project, and that its lifespan is just right. With ASAP scheduling you, as a project manager, get an optimized, 'squeezed'... read more →
Aug 07

BigTemplate vs. Xporter. Jira export plugins compared

Atlassian Marketplace is abundant in export plugins for Jira.  BigTemplate and Xporter are current leaders - the two boast the largest numbers of active installations. Sure, both of them can export issues from Jira to custom pdf, docx and xlsx templates. They are, however, noticeably different - in terms of functionalities,... read more →
Aug 06

Jira and apps in Chinese. 5-minute tutorial

Doing business in China? If yes, you might want to display Jira in Chinese. Imagine you need to send a plan on a Gantt chart to your Chinese partner or deliver Mandarin interface to your Chinese-speaking employee. You've got a couple of options. What are they? Occasional use of Jira in Chinese This is... read more →
Jul 31
Jul 30

BigPicture vs. Structure. Two Giants compared

BigPicture and Structure are both project management apps for Jira, but they differ more than one may imagine. Structure basically resembles a very powerful Excel worksheet with sheets full of issues and hierarchy levels. The structures in Structure for Jira have lots of filtering, grouping and auto-sum options. Big Picture, on... read more →
Jul 17

BigPicture vs. Tempo Planner. Two Giants compared

BigPicture and Tempo Planner are both planning apps for Jira, but they differ more than one may imagine. Tempo Planner is great for "preventing resources from being wasted", while BigPicture will help you "get a complex project done". Tempo Planner keeps its eye on "squeezing" teams while BigPicture delivers... yes,... read more →