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Oct 21
Oct 02

How BigPicture Brought Clarity to Fideltronik – One of the Largest EMS Companies in Central and Eastern Europe

Fideltronik is the largest Polish provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). For over 30 years, the company has been serving its customers by providing comprehensive support across the entire product life cycle – from design, prototyping and certification, to line build up and manufacturing, to after-market services. Encouraged by its successful... read more →
Sep 02
Sep 01

Enterprises in Europe need more control over their PPM data

Cloud technologies have been transforming the IT industry for more than two decades. However, some enterprises - especially those operating in the EU and subject to GDPR - remain hesitant about implementing cloud-based Project and Portfolio Management solutions. The 8th generation of BigPicture aims to change it. Enterprise users will... read more →
Aug 27

BigPicture 8.0 release. When and how to update?

Big Picture 8.0 release
The release of BigPicture version 8 is fast approaching. So far, we touched the [Boxes], Scenarios, the new Gantt chart, and other milestone features of portfolio-oriented BigPicture 8. Now, let's have a closer look at the practical aspect: an organization is using BigPicture 7; they are facing an update to... read more →
Aug 24

‘Umbrella’ portfolio management in BigPicture 8. Four perspectives: Senior manager, PM, team member, and admin

Umbrella portfolio management tool
Programs known from BigPicture 7 have been retired, and [Boxes] were born in BigPicture 8. With that, BigPicture has transformed into an umbrella portfolio management tool. What does 'umbrella' imply? Firstly, you can now oversee agile, hybrid, waterfall (classic), and other theoretically incompatible undertakings as combinable [Boxes]. Secondly, you can... read more →
Aug 17

Redesigned Gantt charts in BigPicture 8 and BigGantt 8

Gantt chart 2.0 BigPicture BigGantt
Whether you call them '2nd generation' or merely 'redesigned', Gantt charts in BigPicture and BigGantt underwent a major overhaul. Highly demanded new features, such as what-if scenarios, are one big thing. Nicer look&feel is another pro. On top of that are performance improvements – new Gantt charts 2.0 do all... read more →
Aug 14

Scenarios in BigPicture 8. Compare variants of a schedule

Test Gantt chart scenarios in BigPicture 8 for Jira
Compare scenarios have long been awaited by the BigPicture community. They are finally debuting in BigPicture 8 (and the corresponding BigGantt 8). What-if scenarios are becoming available in the redesigned Gantt chart module – the heart of the popular project management solution for Jira. BigPicture Scenarios let you compare, for... read more →
Aug 05

How to incorporate asset management into portfolio management in Jira? BigPicture and STAGIL Assets [Plugin talk]

Asset management with BigPicture and Stagil Assets
Project management and asset management coexist. An entity big enough to run ‘projects’, certainly has plenty of assets. Sample assets are hardware, software, inventory, machinery, people, real estate, customers, contracts, brands. In that way, asset management can be defined as object management of human, physical, and non-physical objects of a... read more →