Nov 30
PI planning, Program Increment SAFe

How to do PI planning in Jira with SAFe in mind?

Could 20 000 person-hours1 be wasted in one day? Yes, if you do the PI planning poorly. SAFe is serious about gathering all your Agile Release Train members in one place for the Program Increment planning, and we've seen clients chartering jets for the occasion. With time, however, enthusiasm usually... read more →
Nov 20
Nov 13
Jira BigPicture resource view

Managing teams and resources in BigPicture

Having a plan you follow through is not all there is to project management. Namely, you ought to take the human factor into account. Let’s face it: people are not robots that can work 24/7/365. They will take days off, work in less than full capacity and make mistakes. Importing... read more →
Nov 09

How to do Top-down planning in Jira?

A client of ours asked us during a BigPicture training session: how to do top-down planning in Jira, as opposed to bottom-up planning. In top-down planning PMs start with epics, or high-level objectives, only then they assign user stories or tasks to those epics. Let's investigate this interesting use case:... read more →
Nov 02

How to pick the right PI Planning plugin for Jira?

We, SAFe guided project managers, all know that. When doing PI Planning we are expected to utilize sticky notes and a paper board. And we all know how impractical these 'tools' are with teams distributed throughout the world. Since SAFe is religiously tool agnostic, let's examine two prominent PI planning Jira... read more →
Oct 08

How does our team use Trello?

It all depends on you and your team. Some people really enjoy the Waterfall way of doing things. Yes, it’s still a thing in the Agile (or is it already post-agile?) world! Other value their Jira tasks neatly organized. Some are not fans of organizing at all. Here at SoftwarePlant... read more →
Oct 07
Trello film making, production set, lens

Trello for Filmmaking. How would a project manager do it?

Are you a film production manager? Whether you shoot YT videos or full length movies, Trello is an excellent tool. People from the industry use three proven approaches to Trello boards, and we showcase them directly below this intro. But here's the catch: for the demanding video production business you... read more →
Oct 02
Sep 28
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