Jul 17

BigPicture vs. Tempo Planner. Two Giants compared

BigPicture and Tempo Planner are both planning apps for Jira, but they differ more than one may imagine. Tempo Planner is great for "preventing resources from being wasted", while BigPicture will help you "get a complex project done". Tempo Planner keeps its eye on "squeezing" teams while BigPicture delivers... yes,... read more →
Jul 16
Jun 26

BigPicture vs. Portfolio for Jira. Two Giants compared

Are you into project management in Jira? Both BigPicture and Portfolio for Jira are capable of delivering a panorama, or big picture, of your organization.  They are both powerful, agile and suitable for organizations of various sizes. They are, however, noticeably different and many businesses find one of the apps more useful than the other. So let's compare... read more →
Jun 23

Jira and Scrum. What can plain Jira do and what it can’t?

"Jira Scrum" has been increasingly popular on the Internet for the last 10 years (see Google Trends). So let's check what plain Jira can and cannot do in terms of Scrum methodology. On the occasion we'll show how people confuse Agile and Scrum. Jira is a modern piece of software. It must support Scrum by default, mustn't it? Not so true.... read more →
Jun 20
Jun 04
May 29

How to choose the right Free Gantt chart for Trello?

Google "Trello Gantt chart" and you'll see quite a number of solutions. Since they all appear attractive we take a closer look at them. Very few of them are Power-Ups and the majority are standalone apps. Some of them are free of charge, whereas the rest of them cost money, at least after their trial periods. Interestingly, only one Gantt chart for Trello is both... read more →
May 25

How to grow with Jira? Case study for medium & large businesses

What issues do medium & large businesses encounter in Jira, especially when they grow? Let's look at the case of Wirecard, a pretty mature German company, but still growing. We've recently trained their project management team in Jira & BigPicture and we'd like to share a collection of their hacks and tweaks. [caption id="attachment_39957" align="alignnone"... read more →
May 22
May 13