Apr 14
Mar 31
Best Gantt chart plugin for Jira

How to locate the best Gantt chart plugin for Jira?

Is it features, price or perhaps a vendor's reputation? How to select the best Gantt chart for Jira for your organization? Don't fall into the trap of choosing a cheap plugin. To navigate to the best Gantt chart, look at features, but also prospects of an Atlassian vendor. I cannot... read more →
Mar 24
Mar 20
SAFe Scaled Agile plugin for Jira

All-in-one SAFe® plugin for Jira?

When you search Atlassian Marketplace for 'Scaled Agile' or 'SAFe', what do you get? Close to zero openly 'SAFe plugins'. It's because established vendors cannot explicitly say 'We're a Scaled Agile Framework plugin'. One reason is that they would scare away the non-SAFe public. Another one: nobody wants to bet... read more →
Mar 17

Calendar planners in BigPicture (3 approaches)

Although BigPicture is by definition a tool for a team and not for an individual, people increasingly seek calendar views in our software. BigPicture has three calendar-like modules, and surprisingly the new portfolio management-oriented BigPicture 8 makes things even better. One by one, let's look at calendar planners available in... read more →
Mar 10
Mar 06
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Feb 25
Feb 18

How to go about Product Management in Jira?

A great Product Manager innovates and motivates more than they make plans or resource management. A Jira-based product manager is no exception to that rule: a simple roadmap and cross-team dependency board are tools to go with. What's the workflow of a Product Manager (as opposed to a Project manager).... read more →