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Jira for an enterprise

How to gear Jira for a Large Enterprise?

Let's suppose you're a big multinational company. Is it reasonable for a large enterprise to choose Jira as a long-term project/product management solution? How to set it up to increase the chances of company-wide adoption? If an overseas subsidiary rejects Jira, in favor of their 'local' Trello instance, could it... read more →
May 03
Apr 27
Asset management in Jira

Asset management with BigPicture and STAGIL Assets

Clients keep asking: what can BigPicture and BigGantt do in terms of asset management? You can have an asset registry in Jira + BigPicture. You can also print inventory management documents and manage risks associated with assets. There are, however, dedicated asset management plugins, such as STAGIL Assets, a product... read more →
Apr 27
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Apr 16

How to Scrum when contagion strikes

Working from home is a hot topic in recent weeks–this will not change soon for sure. At SoftwarePlant, we used to believe that only direct communication could deliver significant results. That’s why this work model has been occasional. The entire crew of over 100 people has switched to a remote mode... read more →