Mar 25
Mar 19

Hackathon Warszawa 2019. Java i Angular. Jak wziąć udział?

Hackathony Java i Angular - organizujemy je w 2019 roku w naszym biurze w Warszawie. Czym się różnią od innych warszawskich hackathonów? Sam wymyślasz temat, byle był związany z produktami rodziny BigPicture, które rozwija nasza firma. Jak wziąć udział? Zaaplikuj na Java lub Angular, lub full-stack developera, otrzymaj pracę i... read more →
Mar 11
Mixed, hybrid project management in Jira

How to have a hybrid project in Jira? Waterfall and agile

Purely agile projects are rare in real life. What we typically see in Jira are hybrid projects. Hybrid, or mixed project management is partially waterfall (high-level planning), and partially agile (iteration planning). Let's look closer at how to run hybrid projects in Jira, and why is it beneficial to have... read more →
Mar 11
Compatible Jira 8, male female

Is BigPicture compatible with Jira 8?

The short answer: Yes, BigPicture is compatible with Jira 8. Here is the full story... BigPicture + Jira 8 calendar BigPicture 8 has been compatible with Jira 8 since the 11th of March 2019 we started BigPicture + Jira 8 tests on 18-19 Feb 2019 we completed BigPicture tests on Jira 8... read more →
Feb 22
Feb 15
Milestones timeline knight boy

How to have milestones in Trello?

When you need milestones in Trello, think ‘I need a timeline first’. Since you have no timeline in plain Trello, you need some ‘timeline power-up’ on top of your Trello board. Let’s break the milestones in Trello into pieces: what they are, what they aren’t, do you really need them, and how to have them. Short answer Google “Trello Gantt chart”! Check... read more →
Feb 11
Manage resources on a Gantt chart in Jira, mower, gardening

How to plan resources in Jira directly on a Gantt chart

Gantt charts and resource modules go hand‑in‑hand in a project manager’s software toolset. Ideally, both Gantt charts and resources should be visible in a single Jira window to allow a project manager to get a bird’s eye view of how under- or over‑allocated resources are in the upcoming week, month or quarter. So, how does one choose the right Jira app for this? Ask these questions... read more →
Feb 04

Is Jira BigPicture available in German?

Having come across the ‘jira big picture Deutsch’ key phrase in Google searches, two thoughts concurrently crossed our heads. Yes, we are pleased to find SoftwarePlant’s BigPicture becoming increasingly popular with Project Managers in Germany! And, no - German-language pack is unfortunately not yet on hand...  On the positive side,... read more →
Jan 26

Trello for Marketing Teams. One board and a bar chart

Trello, in their excellent 'Trello for Marketing Teams' article, offer five various boards to do your marketing. We say: just set up a simple board with three lists – To do, In progress, Done – and a timeline/bar chart Power-Up on top of it. Where does our recommendation of simplicity originates? Check Lynda's 30-sec. video below to learn, why you... read more →
Jan 14