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Jul 01

BigPicture Pilot in Sii Poland Internal IT: Untangling and Streamlining Management Processes Across the Entire Software Development Value Chain

Sii Poland is one of the leading IT and engineering services vendors in the CEE region. With over five thousand people on board, working in diverse methodologies and technologies, applying a vast stack of tools, the company is unquestionably a challenging environment for any management software solution.    The BigPicture pilot... read more →
Jun 30

We’ve Joined the Appfire Family!

SoftwarePlant joins Appfire
We are delighted to share with you some exciting news! We are now part of Appfire! We’ve opened a new thrilling chapter by joining the Appfire family - one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive players in the Atlassian ecosystem. Appfire is on a mission to support founders and teams... read more →
Jun 21

Scrum Ceremonies (Events). Do You Need All of Them?

Scrum Ceremonies
The term “Scrum Ceremonies” sounds pretty divisive. For someone unfamiliar with Scrum Guide, it may sound a bit cultish. But fear not - it’s a fully secularized set of events with great importance for teams’ workflow. So how to implement them, and is it necessary to use all of them?... read more →
Jun 18

Stories, Initiatives, and Epics Across Agile Frameworks

Initiative epic story
Initiatives, epics, and stories belong to the agile realm. From here the surprises begin. It turns out that the popular Initiative - Epic - Story hierarchy is not engraved in stone. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and LeSS approach initiatives, epics, and stories differently. It is the "living backlog", rather than epics... read more →
Jun 18
Jun 11

6 Signs You Need a New Project Management System

Rising sun, new PM software
The simplest test on whether your project management software is outdated or not is to offer it to a new employee, especially in their twenties. Software ages as rapidly as social media portals. As of 2021, for instance, there is a move from project management software to PPM suits and... read more →
Jun 09

Frequent Ineffective Practices in Jira Usage (without BigPicture)

Jira ineffective pm practices
Why are we on ineffective Jira practices, especially related to project management? To pinpoint what Jira is best at! Besides, most Jira limitations can be fixed with apps from Atlassian Marketplace. It's better to be safe than sorry, so review this quick list of ineffective practices in Jira and make... read more →
Jun 01

How to locate the best Gantt chart plugin for Jira?

Best Gantt chart plugin for Jira
Is it features, price, or perhaps a vendor's reputation? How to select the best Gantt chart for Jira for your organization? Don't fall into the trap of choosing a cheap plugin. To navigate to the best Gantt chart, look at features, but also prospects of an Atlassian vendor. I cannot... read more →
May 28
May 21

The Founding Fathers of Modern Agile

Professional and personal development is deeply integrated into the process of growth. We seek inspiration in many different ways and sources. One of them is by turning to experts in fields we are interested in to further our knowledge and develop new skills. Those experts, aka founding fathers, can have... read more →