Feb 18

Crunch: how to avoid it in long-term development?

Crunch in IT
Crunch is as old as the IT sector. Working overtime on weekends and holidays with deadlines looming over is one of the most unpleasant and devastating things for any dev team to happen. The longer the crunch lasts, the more demoralized and burned out people are. Fortunately, there are ways... read more →
Feb 11
Feb 09

The True Cost of PPM Software Implementation

PPM software cost
Behind the obvious costs of PPM software implementation – such as the cost of licenses, initial configuration, and training – lie the, often surprisingly high, hidden costs. Distorted high-level view of the portfolio, decline in productivity, or even tool abandonment are just some examples of those. The hidden costs can... read more →
Feb 01
Jan 18
Jan 08

What to look for in PPM software for a diverse organization

PPM software, diverse organization
Diversity comes in a variety of flavors. Traditionally, a diversified organization was one with a portfolio of unrelated products, selling them to many different market segments. Today, classic, product, and market diversification give way to a new kind of diversity - such with various products, PM methodologies, and people coexisting... read more →
Jan 04

Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade to BigPicture 8 Today

Why upgrade to BigPicture 8
Are you considering upgrading your organization's BigPicture instance to version 8? While all Cloud users are already enjoying the most up-to-date version of the app, customers with Jira Server and Data Center have the freedom to choose whether or not to upgrade, and as so – to choose the most... read more →
Dec 28

BigPicture vs. BigPicture Enterprise. Who needs what

BigPicture Enterprise addresses the needs of large-scale organizations; it enhances the way projects and portfolios are managed by delivering high-level PPM features. The 'BPE', as we call it at SoftwarePlant, adds an unlimited number of Box types, enterprise-level reporting, 'Show overall assignment' sort of features, and more. Let's enumerate what... read more →
Dec 15

Boxes in BigPicture. All you need to know.

Boxes in BigPicture 8
Boxes are the major highlight of BigPicture 8. We've been observing a growing interest in "umbrella" software, a quite rare type on the market. So we devised Boxes – they let you build and manage diversified portfolios of initiatives in BigPicture. Boxes can also source tasks from third-party tools, such... read more →
Dec 04

How to handle complexity in complex applications?

After joining SoftwarePlant, I’ve had a small crisis. The UX I had to work with was different than anything I’ve read about. We work on BigPicture, an app dedicated to Project Portfolio Managers. To say “at first sight, it’s pretty complicated” is a gross understatement. The system has its jargon,... read more →