Jan 14
Story points in Jira

Story Points in Jira explained

Story points were invented to beat the ever true problem of underestimation. The design process of Concorde ended up costing 10 times more than they originally estimated. So, how to use story points in Jira to bring overly optimistic time estimations down to earth ? Story... read more →
Dec 27
Dec 06
CatWorkX Atlassian Symposium Vienna

CatWorkX Vienna 2017, Atlassian Symposium

Atlassian Tools als Treiber der Prozess-Digitalisierung was the motto of catWorkX Atlassian Symposium 2017 in Vienna. How was the event from a Jira app developer's point of view?   CatWorkX Wien in a nutshell Where: Eventhotel Pyramide, Vösendorf bei Wien When: 28.11.2017, 9-18 Uhr, Networking-Dinner 18-20 Uhr Who: CEOs, IT... read more →
Dec 05
Dec 05

WarsawJS: Meetups & Workshops. Wish to join?

Fell in love with JavaScript? Living in Warsaw? Get to know Warsaw's most renowned series of JS events. From SoftwarePlant, a sponsor of WarsawJS (Workshop#15)... WarsawJS falls into two categories: meetups and workshops. Pictured is the first of a series of workshops. They take place in... read more →
Nov 28
SAFe certified software team

SAFe Certified. Is it worth it?

As a CEO of a software company I got certified by SAFe®. What it takes and what are the benefits? Is Scaled Agile Framework certification worth the time? For whom is SAFe® certification? Individuals get SAFe® certification, not organizations1. 1 Companies make partnerships with SAFe, e.g. SoftwarePlant is a Bronze... read more →
Nov 21
Winning Angular team, awarded by ngPoland

SoftwarePlant awarded at NG Poland!

SoftwarePlant awarded! Angular Product Hero 2017 prize by NG Poland goes to the Warsaw based company to honour its worldwide selling BigPicture app. Tens of jobs for talented Angularians available in south Warsaw. Apply now! Is the prize well-deserved? 2017 Best Angular Product for small and... read more →
Nov 20
Nov 17
Jira agile plug-in

Jira AGILE App plugin addon – Explained

"Jira Agile addon", "Jira agile plugin" and "Jira agile app" are terms often googled for. What is an agile app? Is there more than one Jira Agile app? What purpose do they serve? Should I capitalize "Agile"? Do plugin, addon, and app mean the same thing? Jira Agile - what... read more →
Oct 23
Atlassian Verified Vendor

Atlassian Verified Vendor. Q&A

How to become an Atlassian Verified Vendor? Is the process quick and easy? How much of the added value does the Verified Vendor deliver to the customer? How to maintain the status? Is that profitable? Is that costly? Get to know our hands-on experience - we've been Atlassian verified since... read more →