Jul 29

SAP consulting across the world with BigPicture

ENTICODE Consulting's model is based on a team of certified SAP consultants with complementary specializations. Thanks to this they are able to provide comprehensive support in the areas of activities covering a broad spectrum of solutions in SAP portfolio. Simply put, they lead projects for the largest domestic and foreign... read more →
Jul 26
Jul 21
Jul 18

Gantts made Agile with BigPicture

Agile approaches are a true revolution in the IT world. They ditch the standard top-down project management in order to empower teams; introduce flexibility and the ability to pivot.  The benefits of implementing Agile are so vast, that it starts to leak outside the IT world and is now used... read more →
Jul 14
Jul 12
Jul 06

Implementing Programs in Atlassian JIRA

JIRA has a clear-cut hierarchy. Your tasks can be aggregated in specific Projects, each with their own Versions and Components. With JIRA Software, Epic-Story structure is also introduced, and that’s about it.  But what if you were to try and implement Program management without changing the whole toolset? Some people... read more →
Jun 28
Jun 23
Jun 20

catWorkX Midsummer Day 2016

The second part of last week and the weekend was a BLAST as we attended the titular event in Hamburg, Germany. A team consisting of Tom, Matt, Mike and Bart ventured into the city that we later on dubbed as the Venice of Germany due to the prevalence of water,... read more →