Mar 30
Mar 26

How to tackle large projects in Jira?

Facing a massive project? Or several large projects? Or an overwhelming program? Here are a few ways to manage through large projects with or... without Jira. Atlassian puts it this way: "Start with a big picture". But we add: "Start with an even bigger picture". How come? [caption id="attachment_39018" align="alignnone"... read more →
Mar 24
Mar 19
Mar 13

Do you need Gantt chart View in Jira? How to have one?

Within Jira - both Jira Core and Jira Software, and Jira Datacenter - there is no true Gantt chart view. What added value does Gantt view bring to Jira? What subtle difference is there between "Jira Gantt view" and "Jira Gantt chart"?  Whereas so many brilliant Gantt plugins are available... read more →
Mar 12

How to plan capacity of a resource in Jira?

With regular Jira you can do "some", or "limited" resource capacity planning. What is capacity of an individual, team, machine? Why to plan it in the first place? When the regular Jira is enough and when you'll want to get some resource planning plugin? Do you need to take skills into consideration? ... read more →
Mar 11

How to cut down on your Jira Service Desk expenses?

Support teams generate significant overhead costs for many businesses. Is it possible to further automate tasks of support staff, so that you need fewer humans to communicate with your clients? It turns out a solution is coming. Seeking a cheaper and automated Jira Service Desk? Why... read more →
Mar 08
Feb 21
Feb 20

How to have Gantt Chart in Jira Portfolio?

Jira Portfolio is a premier project management app. At the same time Portfolio is so Agile, that it lacks a Gantt chart module, an immensely popular project management tool. Some clients just need the classic representation of issues on the Gantt chart, period. So how to have the Gantt chart with Jira Portfolio? ... read more →