Jun 23
Jun 20

catWorkX Midsummer Day 2016

The second part of last week and the weekend was a BLAST as we attended the titular event in Hamburg, Germany. A team consisting of Tom, Matt, Mike and Bart ventured into the city that we later on dubbed as the Venice of Germany due to the prevalence of water,... read more →
May 31

Happy campers

Just as announced before, our whole team (as in every.single.person) went to AtlasCamp. We also sponsored the delicious lunch and had a booth at the vendor showcase, so chances are you, dear reader, did talk to or at the very least spotted us in Spain! During the sessions, we scattered... read more →
May 30

Multiplayer arena battles with BigPicture

Recently we were contacted by a cool fellow - Kevin. He's a software engineer, currently completing his final year at the Queensland University of Technology. Kevin works part time doing contract work as a full stack developer ( He has been working on startups also in the part time with... read more →
May 18

The Jiu-Jitsu PM

Our team has now a new member, Miike (yes, second Mike!) He practices Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu in his free time, and business analytics when working. Book reading and project management methodologies are the main literature he devours. After finishing studies at the local Law faculty, Mike turned to IT  as the... read more →
May 12

Webinar incoming!

In less than a week, on May the 18th, Praecipio Consulting (Atlassian Enterprise Expert) will host a webinar regarding Atlassian JIRA Add-Ons. Guess what - BigPicture will be featured as a Project Portfolio Management solution and stacked against some alternatives! We highly recommend checking the FREE webinar out. Register here.
May 03
Apr 29

Big export changes in BigPicture

We are constantly working on cool new stuff, and would like to announce that with the next release, the export mechanism of BigPicture will be changed a little bit. This means good things for you, as in fact you will receive now just new export options, but also a brand... read more →
Apr 25

Delicious dairy snacks thanks to BigPicture

The BigPicture plugin for JIRA is an extremely versatile tool used across many industries. AlSafi Danone is one of the biggest dairy companies in the Middle East, supplying more than 11 markets with healthy & high quality products with 6 different brands and more than 200 SKU covering the Gulf... read more →
Apr 25

Project Portfolio Management in JIRA

Everyone that has either worked at any company or founded their own probably knows, that a good management person or team can make a big difference. They are responsible for ensuring that workflow is smooth and that none of the employees is overworked, nor currently has nothing to do. This... read more →