Jun 17
May 31

‘Agile at Scale’ apps on Atlassian Marketplace. What tools for a modern manager?

Ever since emerging as a conscious discipline around the year 2000, agile’s been growing increasingly popular, especially in IT development, finance, and construction industries. Simultaneously, modern software is taking the world by storm—advanced apps are facilitating the way we communicate, schedule meetings, and plan our undertakings. Amidst this technological revolution,... read more →
May 31
May 21
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How to manage skills in Jira?

Think 'Jira skills management', and two things come to mind: (1) a skill matrix and (2) scheduling of tasks based on skills. The former is more of an HR tool—a hint on who to contract or train. The latter, on the other hand, whispers to a project manager what skill... read more →
May 21
Apr 15
Managing your timeline in Trello

How do I create a timeline in Trello? 3 approaches

Trello teaches us their universal 'To do - in Progress - Done' standard. What they skip is a Timeline, and for a reason: modern project management sort of rejects time-based planning. In real life, however, 90 percent of managers still plan things in time. Let's look at three ways of... read more →
Apr 11

SoftwarePlant launches BigPictures Lab

Make your feedback matter with BigPicture Lab! Customer feedback is king! Especially in the world of agile software development where MVPs are developed to become top-notch software solutions through the constant application of the 'build-measure-learn' loop. And 'measure' is indeed the keyword here for as the saying has it: "what... read more →
Apr 11

BigPicture Enterprise goes to Jira Cloud

BigPicture Enterprise, one of few true Project Portfolio Management apps for Jira, is becoming available for the Cloud hosting in 2019. It's happening several months after Atlassian relaxed its Jira Cloud user limit (to 5.000 users, up from 2.000). Is portfolio management becoming available for the large organizations who prefer... read more →
Apr 10

BigPicture Enterprise 2019: Cloud version and more pro-PPM features

Even though Project Portfolio Management is gaining momentum in Jira environment, very few apps from Atlassian Marketplace mention that sought-after 'PPM' acronym. One of them is BigPicture Enterprise, a portfolio-level solution, and it's undergoing major improvements in 2019. Let's see what's changing. (1) BigPicture Enterprise Cloud version Until recently BigPicture... read more →
Apr 05