Sep 03

How do I track progress in BigPicture and BigGantt?

When it comes to progress tracking, BigPicture and BigGantt add two things to plain Jira: (1) a visual layer, namely progress bars, and (2) an aggregation layer, i.e. the SUM and AVERAGE functions that calculate the progress of whole epics or projects. In this tutorial, we'll review five methods of... read more →
Sep 03

Candidate’s guide to joining SoftwarePlant

SoftwarePlant has come a long way: from two founding developers sitting in a 16 m2 room, to a strong team of over 70 skilled specialists working comfortably in our new, modern office space. Still, when it comes to hiring, we value quality over quantity. We know that our recruitment meetings... read more →
Aug 27
Modify tasks in bulk in Jira

How Multi-select in Jira BigPicture helps a PM accelerate

The standard Ctrl+click and Shift+click now work in Jira BigPicture (beginning BP ver. 7.4). Which BigPicture modules let you select multiple issues at a time? How to bulk indent, outdent, move or delete tasks? Let's look closer at how the new multi-select feature might streamline your chores. You can multi-select... read more →
Aug 26

How to manage Initiatives in Jira BigPicture?

Many approaches to Initiatives exist throughout the project management community. Some claim an initiative is a short-lived, rough idea that will either receive funding (and become a project) or be scrapped. According to others, an initiative is as elaborate as a project, has epics and stories linked to it, and... read more →
Aug 26
Aug 21

What and how to test? Software testing tutorial

Test-driven development (TDD) is presumably 20 years old, and testing itself is even older. But still, it’s a complicated process. Fortunately, some helpful guidelines can help you write the proper tests. Be first! So, the first question you should always ask yourself is: what should my tests be like? And... read more →
Aug 19
Aug 12
Aug 12

BigPicture vs. Portfolio for Jira. Two Giants compared

Are you into project management in Jira? Both BigPicture and Portfolio for Jira are capable of delivering a panorama, or big picture, of your organization.  They are both powerful, agile and suitable for organizations of various sizes. They are, however, noticeably different and many businesses find one of the apps more useful than the other. So let's compare... read more →
Aug 09