Dec 10
Dec 09
Next-gen projects for Jira Big Picture

How to use Next-gen projects in BigPicture, BigGantt?

Jira's next-gen projects are getting increasingly functional in BigPicture and BigGantt project management apps. However, before you commit to the next-gen projects, realize this: while next-gen projects require minimal setup, clients value BigPicture and BigGantt for the apps' abundant customization options. Yes - BigPicture and BigGantt do support Jira next-gen... read more →
Nov 20

Co tak w biurze klika, czyli jak zbudować klawiaturę mechaniczną

Moje początki Klawiaturami i myszkami komputerowymi zacząłem się interesować już w gimnazjum. Na początku szukałem najbardziej optymalnego sprzętu pod kątem gier. W tamtym czasie moim marzeniem był Logitech G15. Kosmiczna klawiatura, która do dzisiaj jest bardzo droga i wciąż bardzo fajna. Ogromna, z wyświetlaczem, na którym można było mieć gadu-gadu.... read more →
Nov 19
Nov 19
Oct 29
Oct 22

How to refactor Angular component and stay alive

How to know that you need to refactor? There are always some clues that may suggest you need to refactor: You are modifying the same class over and over again, especially when there is no change in the requirements. There might be an addition to requirements: for example, your class... read more →
Oct 15

SAFe Summit: Washington, San Diego. What to Expect?

Newbie or someone really advanced in SAFe? Who should go? From BigPicture, one of only two1 SAFe-compliant project management tools who have attended all the SAFe Summits so far. Different people will find different audiences, and will be able to be part of different discussions, so I would say all... read more →
Oct 14
Oct 04

How to gear Jira for Innovation management?

It's the culture of innovation that lets creative juices into your organization. However, you can increase that flow by using some settings, features, and apps for Jira. Let's quickly review the pro-innovation stuff available in Jira environment. Jira's built-in voting feature Up-voting Jira issues is indeed the way to go... read more →