Mar 04

8 Most Common Mistakes Users Make in BigPicture

We all make mistakes, as it’s a human thing... and mistakes are the best lessons for both personal and professional growth. To prevent or minimize them in our day to day life, we implement more and more technology to automate our operations and decrease the level of potential errors. Unfortunately,... read more →
Feb 24

Agile Transformation – Software Decisions and Dilemmas

Agile transformation BigPicture
Agile transformation increasingly applies to the old economy and for many organizations determines long-term survival. Agile transformation, as of the 2020s, has little to do with delivering software. Software purchase decisions, however, can either promote or doom the agile transformation at your organization. Let's review some lesser-known, enterprise-level aspects of... read more →
Feb 23
Feb 22

How to Ensure Data Reliability in High-Level Reporting [PPM]

High-level reporting BigPicture
High-level reporting is central to Project Portfolio Management. The ride data takes from a work team to the senior level can either be bumpy or incredibly smooth. What influences the quality of high-level PPM reports? How to ensure the accuracy of data that fuels the portfolio-level reports? What distorts business... read more →
Feb 18

Crunch: how to avoid it in long-term development?

Crunch in IT
Crunch is as old as the IT sector. Working overtime on weekends and holidays with deadlines looming over is one of the most unpleasant and devastating things for any dev team to happen. The longer the crunch lasts, the more demoralized and burned out people are. Fortunately, there are ways... read more →
Feb 11
Feb 09

The True Cost of PPM Software Implementation

PPM software cost
Behind the obvious costs of PPM software implementation – such as the cost of licenses, initial configuration, and training – lie the, often surprisingly high, hidden costs. Distorted high-level view of the portfolio, decline in productivity, or even tool abandonment are just some examples of those. The hidden costs can... read more →
Feb 01
Jan 18
Jan 08

What to look for in PPM software for a diverse organization

PPM software, diverse organization
Diversity comes in a variety of flavors. Traditionally, a diversified organization was one with a portfolio of unrelated products, selling them to many different market segments. Today, classic, product, and market diversification give way to a new kind of diversity - such with various products, PM methodologies, and people coexisting... read more →