Jun 09

Frequent ineffective practices in Jira usage (without BigPicture)

Jira ineffective pm practices
Why are we on ineffective Jira practices, especially related to project management? To pinpoint what Jira is best at! Besides, most Jira limitations can be fixed with apps from Atlassian Marketplace. It's better to be safe than sorry, so review this quick list of ineffective practices in Jira and make... read more →
May 28
May 21

The Founding Fathers of Modern Agile

Professional and personal development is deeply integrated into the process of growth. We seek inspiration in many different ways and sources. One of them is by turning to experts in fields we are interested in to further our knowledge and develop new skills. Those experts, aka founding fathers, can have... read more →
May 19

Basic Tasks in BigPicture

Basic tasks vs Jira issues
BigPicture lets you create basic tasks as an alternative to Jira issues. With basic tasks there is no need to fill a dozen of Jira fields, just enter a name for your basic task. A basic task can aggregate its child issues (Sum time, Count status, etc.), or it can be... read more →
May 17

From PMO to DTO

From PMO to DTO
DTO, or Digital Transformation Office, is a temporary, yet more initiative-taking, influential, and powerful body of the PMO-DTO couple. DTO is brought into being in organizations that opted to undergo a digital transformation. DTO’s reason to be is to invent what digital transformation means for a particular sector, business, or... read more →
May 14

Corporate Reporting: How to Communicate in 2021

The world of corporate reporting is constantly evolving. Last year, the pandemic taught many companies to expect the unexpected and forced them to reevaluate their communication policies and modi operandi. Today, the need for sustainability and openness in organizations is greater than ever, which drives the leading trends in corporate... read more →
May 12

Enterprise Agile Planning (EAP) Tool. What to Look for?

Enterprise Agile Planning tool
Until recently, in many organizations agile planning tools were coexisting with PPM software. One might even say that agile planning tools were “reporting” to the “upper-level” classic Project Portfolio Management applications. Now that the agile transformation trend has gained momentum, Enterprise Agile Planning (EAP) tools are advancing to the portfolio... read more →
May 10

Managing Resources with BigPicture Enterprise

Resources in BigPicture Enterprise
Cross-project, cross-program, or cross-product resource management are the top reasons to select BigPicture Enterprise or upgrade your regular BigPicture instance. But there are more resource-related features in BigPicture Enterprise other than the ‘Show overall assignment’ view. Let’s review how BigPicture Enterprise does the resource management job. The presence of cross-project... read more →
Apr 30
Apr 22

Junk Data: How to Cope with It?

Junk data is a real thing. The term refers to every file and byte of data that does not serve any real purpose other than wasting space. Salesforce classifies four types of junk data: missing information, inaccurate information, outdated data, and duplicate data. Some users tend to keep such files... read more →