Oct 29
Oct 22

How to refactor Angular component and stay alive

How to know that you need to refactor? There are always some clues that may suggest you need to refactor: You are modifying the same class over and over again, especially when there is no change in the requirements. There might be an addition to requirements: for example, your class... read more →
Oct 15

SAFe Summit: Washington, San Diego. What to Expect?

Newbie or someone really advanced in SAFe? Who should go? From BigPicture, one of only two1 SAFe-compliant project management tools who have attended all the SAFe Summits so far. Different people will find different audiences, and will be able to be part of different discussions, so I would say all... read more →
Oct 14
Oct 04

How to gear Jira for Innovation management?

It's the culture of innovation that lets creative juices into your organization. However, you can increase that flow by using some settings, features, and apps for Jira. Let's quickly review the pro-innovation stuff available in Jira environment. Jira's built-in voting feature Up-voting Jira issues is indeed the way to go... read more →
Sep 23
Clock, time, overloaded manager

Time tracking in BigPicture and BigGantt [4 areas]

A project manager might be wondering how to take advantage of Jira's time tracking in a project management app, such as BigPicture or BigGantt. First and foremost – you might use time tracking to measure the progress of a project or its phases in the Scope or Gantt chart modules.... read more →
Sep 23

BigPicture vs. Structure. Two Giants compared

BigPicture and Structure are both project management apps for Jira, but they differ more than one may imagine. Structure basically resembles a very powerful Excel worksheet with sheets full of issues and hierarchy levels. The structures in Structure for Jira have lots of filtering, grouping and auto-sum options. Big Picture, on... read more →
Sep 17

BigPicture vs. BigPicture Enterprise. Who needs what

BigPicture Enterprise addresses the needs of large-scale organizations; it enhances the way projects and portfolios are managed by delivering high-level PPM features. The 'BPE', as we call it in SoftwarePlant, adds enterprise-level reporting, 'see tasks across all programs' sort of features and more. Let's enumerate what does the Enterprise extension... read more →
Sep 16
Sep 03

How do I track progress in BigPicture and BigGantt?

When it comes to progress tracking, BigPicture and BigGantt add two things to plain Jira: (1) a visual layer, namely progress bars, and (2) an aggregation layer, i.e. the SUM and AVERAGE functions that calculate the progress of whole epics or projects. In this tutorial, we'll review five methods of... read more →