We realize the world of project portfolio management is a complex and intricate one. Managing a tangled network of interdependent undertakings, projects, and tasks can be an overwhelming challenge even to the most experienced PMs.

Recognizing the need for tools facilitating both project and project portfolio management (PPM), we have imagined and brought to life BigPicture—a genuinely versatile application to optimize your work, ensure enhanced results and save precious time.

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BigPicture’s Portfolio Overview is flexible enough to help you build any portfolio structure you can think of, such as portfolios, sub-portfolios, programs, projects, stages, SAFe® Product Increments (PIs), and more. Whatever your methodology, you can effortlessly optimize your set of undertakings and regularly track work progress. You can simultaneously monitor how things are advancing at high and granular levels.

  • Smoothly plan and decompose your portfolio’s structure
  • Define your desired multi-level portfolio hierarchy, e.g., portfolios, sub-portfolios, programs, projects, and stages
  • Choose from pre-configured templates: Waterfall, Agile, SAFe®, Hybrid, and more
  • Track key aggregated portfolio indicators with ease
  • Compare different roadmap scenarios and see which of them are worth investing in

Most project managers deal with an array of methodologies. From agile to the waterfall, with anything in between, it’s useful to keep track of all your teams and tasks in one workplace. Our Gantt module is there to lend a helping hand! This plugin allows you to keep a portfolio-level view of all your projects easily. Whatever your chosen framework, Gantt can be tailored to work for your specific needs.

  • Identify your project’s stages, milestones and task dependencies and let BigPicture do the scheduling for you
  • Automatically calculate aggregated field values for reporting purposes
  • Don’t risk derailing your project; keep it on track with baselines and critical path options
  • Break down your scope into an automatically-generated, multi-level Work Breakdown Structure
  • Drill up and down to the desired level of detail so you can see the project’s particulars or a bird’s eye overview

Reporting and planning have never been this easy! The WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) of your project, multi-level hierarchies, quick filters, and advanced aggregation make Scope a perfect tool for every PM working in any methodology—or no methodology at all.

  • Visualize your project’s task hierarchy and structure
  • Free yourself from the constraints of a 3-level (Epic → Story → Subtask) framework and set up a customized multi-level structure
  • Click on any Scope cell and work on your tasks in a hassle-free, efficient and elegant way
  • Freely arrange columns, switch between views, and show aggregated values; a Scope is an excellent tool for reporting
  • Filter and single out scope data according to your criteria or use predefined Quick Filters to see your specifics, such as Epics, unresolved tasks, tasks assigned to an only particular resource only, etc.

Appropriate allocation of resources is crucial in any project. Ever-changing circumstances very often necessitate a flexible approach to workload planning to ensure that adjustments are put into place and that the project runs smoothly. Our tool allows you to analyze the availability of your resources (teams and skills), assign and schedule particular tasks and update capacities automatically.

  • Identify available resources across the organization to select talent that best fits your project
  • Immediately identify instances where your teams and resources become over-allocated
  • Make both short- and long-term plans just as easily
  • Monitor capacity on both individual and team levels
  • Manage your resources the waterfall, agile or hybrid way
  • Customize your workload and holiday plans on company, team, or individual levels
  • Register absences of resources
  • Define the core competencies of your resources and do skill-based planning
  • Use BigPicture and Tempo together
  • Analyze the correlation between project schedule and resource capacity
  • Test different scenarios for project scheduling
  • Automatically calculate capacity allocation
  • Based on actual resource availability; no guessing or false estimating
  • Allows for setting capacities individually or on a team level
  • Full flexibility for planning team capacity in any timebox, e.g., sprints

Up your planning game with this exciting, new module! Board lets you plan with multiple teams and on multiple levels. Give it a try whether you work in sprints or Program Increments (PIs). While fully compatible with SAFe®, our tool is flexible enough to accommodate any methodology you can think of!

  • Break free from ‘one team, one board’ constraints; analyze and plan the scope of work for multiple people at once
  • Establish and track cross-team task dependencies and identify risks well in advance
  • Plan your Epics, Features, and Stories at different levels
  • Effortlessly plan and decompose your scope of work with the help of a new, intuitive backlog feature
  • Measure and report your team’s performance on multiple levels with this useful charting functionality

BigPicture’s fully SAFe®-compliant Roadmap module helps you manage your Program Increment objectives and iteration goals effectively. Versatile as it is, Roadmap will prove equally useful for waterfall and hybrid approaches, allowing you to set targets for all undertakings, such as projects, programs, portfolios, stages, and iterations. With its useful drill-down feature, you can see your entire project or zoom in to a specific phase exactly as your needs dictate.

Roadmap BigPicture project management Jira
  • Define your Objectives’ Planned Business Value and select the ones that bring maximum benefit
  • Specify the objectives of your teams at multiple levels: iterations, Program Increments (PIs) or whole projects
  • Easily enlarge a set of objectives of your choice for presentation purposes
  • Determine Actual Business Value and monitor how your Objectives are attained
  • Instantly check how your teams are performing against their objectives, period by period

Once a project is fully scheduled and underway, some tasks demanding particular attention will be noted either because they are known for causing trouble or simply due to their high importance. This could all be jotted down on a sticky note or just remembered. It is best, however, to use the Risk matrix module of BigPicture to keep things tidy and usable. The Risks component of BigPicture allows a matrix to be designed to show a visual representation of sensitive issues.

  • Attach values to your Risks to calculate their probability and define their potential consequences
  • Assign your risks and track their ROAM status (Resolved, Owned, Accepted, Mitigated)
  • View all your risks in the register or risk matrix with heatmap functionality
  • Effortlessly arrange columns as you see fit and get a view customized for your particular business case
  • Configure your risk cards to display all the information you need

Big organizations have it complicated. Juggling multiple undertakings such as projects, portfolios, programs—which are often arranged in an intricate network of connections—is a challenge. This is where our Enterprise solution comes into play! No matter how many teams, goals, and deadlines you’re managing, you can always stay on top of your game with BigPicture Enterprise for more sophisticated infrastructure, added functionalities, integration with TEMPO and more!

  • Enterprise reporting. Build your own drill-down and drill-through reports. You’ve got predefined reports in regular BigPicture, but in order to customize the grid and add new reports, you need BigPicture Enterprise [Reports module]
  • Synchronize Program Increment (PI) # between Board module and Jira issue detail view (2-way). Set this 2-way synchronization for all teams (Shared), specific teams (Team specific), or disable the sync at all. [in Board module]
  • Show all the tasks across all created programs to which your resources are assigned. [in Resources module]
  • Report on how Program Increments are progressing – not just iterations, as is the case with regular BigPicture. Use a bar/pie chart overlay for that. [in Board and Roadmap modules]
  • Add custom action buttons. These could be extra links to your programs or program manager tiles. You could also integrate your company intranet or external systems with BigPicture programs. [in Program Manager module]
  • Label your programs (projects) using custom text, textarea, combo box, and date fields. Set the layout of this program describing page. [BigPicture Enterprise exclusive Metrics module]
  • Synchronize your Workload Plans, Holiday Plans, Teams, and Skills with their counterparts in TEMPO Timesheets, Planner, Budgets. [in Teams module] Available for Server and Data Center hostings.
  • Customize the BigPicture plugin’s drop-down menu – the one that integrates with Jira’s main menu. Available for Server and Data Center hostings.
  • Comply with SAFe’s Portfolio and Solution levels and not just the Program level, as is the case with regular BigPicture
  • Check this BigPicture vs. BigPicture Enterprise comparison


All of our plugins have been through a rigorous review process by Atlassian, who holds vendors to high standards for reliability.


Customers are the focus of our attention, which is why we place great emphasis on competent and timely support.


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