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BigPicture vs. BigPicture Enterprise. Who needs what

BigPicture Enterprise addresses the needs of large-scale organizations; it enhances the way projects and portfolios are managed by delivering high-level PPM features. The ‘BPE’, as we call it in SoftwarePlant, adds enterprise-level reporting, ‘see tasks across all programs’ sort of features and more. Let’s enumerate what does the Enterprise extension add on top of the regular BigPicture.

Table 1: BigPicture vs. BigPicture Enterprise

Note: BigPicture Enterprise cannot live alone. So you choose between ‘Jira + BigPicture’ suite and ‘Jira + BigPicture + BigPicture Enterprise’ one.

BigPicture for Jira logo Jira BigPicture Enterprise logo
Program manager / Overview
with predefined [Box] types
Starting BigPicture 7.10, the Program manager is renamed ‘Overview’.
yes yes
Unlimited configuration of [Box] types. Create new [Box] types.
Think of [Boxes] as high-level, custom containers/parent items, such as portfolios, phases, ARTs. They behave depending on how you program them.
[Boxes] are available in BigPicture version 8, and the corresponding BigPicture Enterprise ver. 4, and later.
Scope yes yes
Roadmap yes yes
An overlay with pie/bar charts reporting on the progress of iterations yes yes
An overlay with pie/bar charts reporting on the progress of Program Increments yes
Gantt chart yes yes
Resources yes yes
Observe tasks from all programs (in a single view)

∼ cross-program resources planning and reporting

Board yes yes
Synchronize Program Increment (PI) #

with a custom field of your choice residing in Jira issue detail view. Set this 2-way synchronization for all teams (Shared), specific teams (Team specific), or disable the sync at all.

An overlay with pie/bar charts reporting on the progress of iterations yes yes
An overlay with pie/bar charts reporting on the progress of Program Increments yes
Risks yes yes
Teams yes yes
Integration with Tempo

Synchronize BigPicture’s Workload Plans, Holiday Plans, Teams, and Skills with their counterparts in Tempo Timesheets, Planner, Budgets.

yesavailable for Server and Data Center hostings

Use five predefined progress measuring drill-down/drill-through reports. Choose their format: bar/pie charts, spreadsheet-like reports.

yes yes
Add new multi-level drill-down and drill-through reports. Customize the grid of the Reports module. yes
Configurable menu view

Customize the BigPicture plugin’s drop-down menu – the one that integrates with Jira’s main menu.

yesavailable for Server and Data Center hostings
Select the geographic location of your data server

GDPR in the European Union and various US regulators may require that you store your data in a home country or region.  The feature will be available soon. Read more

yesavailable for Cloud hosting

Project Management methodologies

SAFe, LeSS, AgilePM, PMBoK, PRiNCE, an more yes yes
Scalable agile yes yes
Project management (Waterfall, Hybrid, Agile) yes yes
PPM (Project Portfolio Management) yes yes
Adjust BigPicture to the realities of your organization
yesthanks to configurable [Boxes]. You can add custom [Box] types.

Business, technical data & Pricing

Hosting types Cloud, Server, Data Center
Works with Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk
Jira Server, 100 users, Atlassian Marketplace $2000/instance
(50% of that to renew)
(50% of that to renew)
Jira Cloud, 1000 users tier, Atlassian Marketplace $0.91/user/month $0.91/user/month
User rating (stars), Atlassian Marketplace 3.3/4 3.7/4
Developer SoftwarePlant, Atlassian Top Vendor

Try free

Try free


What features does the Enterprise edition bring

on top of the ‘regular’ BigPicture? In 5 minutes.

Check the ‘Meet (regular) BigPicture’ video.


Who uses what

Roughly 20% of BigPicture license holders have the Enterprise extension added on top. When looking at user counts, however, we assume that 50% of the 3 million individuals who use BigPicture every day have access to the Enterprise edition. It’s because blue-chips, and large companies with a distributed workforce, rely on BPE heavily.


The good news

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