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Midterm Roadmap

We’re just getting started…

UX Mastery

UX Mastery

Power to the Users

Power to the Users

Sea of integrations

Sea of integrations

BigPicture is changing for you

In 2020, we presented to the world our milestone release – BigPicture 8. It introduced an abundance of new features, advancements, and improvements. From full support for portfolio-level management and compliance with all leading agile, classic, and hybrid methodologies to unprecedented clarity of information at all granularity levels to the outstanding user interface ready for teams from ten to tens of thousands. Was it enough? Absolutely not! BigPicture is constantly evolving in the spirit of technical excellence blended with a user-first mindset, and your satisfaction with our product is the greatest reward for us. Read on to learn what we’re up to in 2021 and beyond!


New Level of User Experience

The app’s performance has a tremendous impact on the user experience. That’s why we aim for:

  • Shorter loading and reloading time
  • Faster data synchronization
  • Quicker and simpler user onboarding
  • Better usability of existing features
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Take full control of your portfolio

We will improve the portfolio-level strategic planning and reporting capabilities of BigPicture. You can expect:

  • Enhanced Reports module with new widgets embeddable in many different screens
  • Customizable views available on Overview module with brand new metrics, such as Progress or Story Points estimate
  • New financial-related capabilities: Budget, Actual cost, and Estimated cost
  • Support of OKRs: the ability to set measurable objectives and align works around them
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More integrations and standalone app

The Atlassian ecosystem is evolving, and so do we. We want to make migrating from Server to Cloud and Data Center hosting models as easy as possible. Besides, we want to give users the ability to integrate BigPicture with their preferred cloud tools. Last but not least, we aim to take BigPicture beyond the Atlassian realm.

  • Easy backups and migration between hosting models 
  • Integration with multiple Jira instances
  • New and improved integrations with task management tools
  • New BigPicture hosting options – beyond the Atlassian world, and standalone app
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