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How Multi-select in Jira BigPicture helps a PM accelerate

The standard Ctrl+click and Shift+click now work in Jira BigPicture (beginning BP ver. 7.5). Which BigPicture modules let you select multiple issues at a time? How to bulk indent, outdent, move or delete tasks? Let’s look closer at how the new multi-select feature might streamline your chores.

You can multi-select BigPicture tasks in the Scope module, and…

Outdent, indent, move Jira tasks in bulk

Note how the fifth task (SCRUM-23) was automatically added to the move operation because it was a child of one of the four tasks that a user had Shift- and Control-clicked.

Multiselect tasks Scope module of BigPicture



You can multi-select in the Board 2.0 module, too.

Multi select issues program board BigPicture Jira

The Program Board of BigPicture. Drag and drop multiple issues at a time from the backlog onto the board.

Multi-select shortcuts

The standard Windows and Mac shortcuts work in Jira BigPicture:

  • Shift + mouse click to select a range of issues
  • Ctrl + Click (Windows) or Command + click (Mac OS) to select individual tasks one by one

Use cases

Speed up your workday as a project manager. These are sample uses of the new multi-select feature:

  • Add several tasks at a time to a team’s workload area in the Program board. Plan the upcoming iterations (sprints), or Program Increments, faster.
  • Update the scope of your project by deleting, indenting, or outdenting multiple tasks at a time (Scope module).

The minimum version of BigPicture

You need BigPicture version 7.5.0 or higher to be able to select multiple issues at a time. Version 7.5 debuted in September 2019. If you are below 7.5, here is how to update.

The multiselect does not work with the Gantt chart module yet (neither in BigPicture nor in BigGantt), but:

  • we’ve got the feature in the component’s roadmap
  • notice that the Scope module of BigPicture (which supports the multi-select), has some functionalities of the Gantt chart module, namely the work breakdown structure.

The Gantt chart is unique in that a separate framework is behind the curtain. It seemed more viable for us to incorporate the multi-select into the newer Scope and Board 2.0 modules, which share a common engine.


The good news

Perhaps a random order
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