Jan 26

Is BigPicture compatible with Jira 8?

Jira 8 BigPictureThe short answer: Yes, BigPicture will likely be compatible soon after Jira 8 has been released.

Here is the full story…

When will Jira ver. 8.0 be on the market?

  • Jira 8 has been released on the 11th of February 2019
  • January 23rd, 2019: Jira 8.0 has a Release Candidate
  • A beta version was released shortly before the holiday break in December 2018

Are there any issues with BigPicture + Jira 8?

  • we’re starting BigPicture + Jira 8 tests on 18-19 Feb 2019
  • we hope BigPicture will be compatible with Jira 8 soon after
  • we’ve completed BigPicture tests on Jira 8 Beta. We’ve found BigPicture compatible with Jira 8 Beta throughout all the modules, namely Gantt chart, Scope, Resources, Risks, with one minor issue – an error popping up all over BP modules due to some Jira method name change.

Do I need BigPicture 7 for Jira 8?

BigPicture 7 was released in Fall 2018 and is recommended for Jira 8. Upgrading to BigPicture 7 is free for the majority of users, more on that.

We’re aware, however, many project managers still use BP 6. Is BigPicture 6 compatible with Jira 8 then? We’ll publish the answer here, as soon as we’ve completed the tests.

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