Jan 11

BigPicture here with a big announcement.

I’ve matured to version 6.1

It’s been another few months of growth mixed with hard work, thrilling foosball matches, and tear-jerking demos here at SoftwarePlant. Our products are getting ol… more sophisticated and so, without further ado, we are proud to unveil more complete and perfected version of BigPicture. With hands shaking from excitement, we present the new version’s features for everyone to enjoy!


MS Project files import made easy

This one was a riddle, but we managed. Get comfortable and import your already existing MS Project files seamlessly into BigPicture to gain additional compatibility benefits. No need for workarounds anymore! Even though this is still a simplified functionality, stay tuned for more additions in the upcoming weeks.

MS Project import

MS Project import to BigPicture

Roadmap re-engineered

We’ve made crucial performance improvements when it comes to BigPicture’s roadmap feature. Rethinking the code behind roadmap’s display resulted in less of the heavy lifting done by the browser, especially with hundreds of tasks at hand. Now, the user can enjoy a severalfold smoother performance by manually assigning links to tasks. Also a feedback button is now available for this module and the calendar icon now shows where the issue will be moved before it is moved – no more “where has it gone?” questions.

Manually link tasks

Manually link tasks

Sort and sift or browse in compact mode

Extra convenience features are always welcome. Sort tasks by Summary, Key, Type, Status or Rank, we don’t care – go nuts! Oh, and do not forget to switch to a compact mode with cool UX interactions to sweeten the adventure.

Extra convenience in Roadmap

Extra convenience in Roadmap

Upgraded stability

A boatload of fixes and improvements decorates the BigPicture 6.1. We have spent countless hours to reach satisfactory, not to say ‘exceptional’, stability levels. A plethora of upgrades along with fixing bugs and errors resulted in a rock solid performance of a matured version of BigPicture. We focused on diminishing unexpected or unintended behavior by the application. One can expect tasks to perform quicker without worrying about multiple users at the same time, rejected requests or deadlocks.

Find out more in release notes here and don’t forget to share the news!


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