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BigPicture Enterprise goes to Jira Cloud

Jira Big Picture Enterprise CloudBigPicture Enterprise, one of few true Project Portfolio Management apps for Jira, is becoming available for the Cloud hosting in 2019. It’s happening several months after Atlassian relaxed its Jira Cloud user limit (to 5.000 users, up from 2.000). Is portfolio management becoming available for the large organizations who prefer not to run their own Jira server?

Portfolio management in the cloud?

Until recently global organizations could easily hit Atlassian’s 2.000-user limit on Jira Cloud, so doing Project Portfolio Management in the Atlassian’s cloud hosting was relatively rare. In September 2018, however, Atlassian increased its top Jira Cloud user tier to 5.000 users, claiming at the same time, that they were improving their cloud’s performance by 25 percent. This marks a milestone on the way to making Jira Cloud popular in the corporate world.

BigPicture Enterprise for Jira Cloud

Following the actions by Atlassian, we decided to add the Cloud version of BigPicture Enterprise to the current Server/Data Server editions. Note that BP Enterprise is an extension to ‘regular’ BigPicture, so you need both to do true portfolio management in Jira. Also note, that ‘regular’ BigPicture has been available for Cloud for quite a while now.

What value does BigPicture Enterprise add on top of BigPicture?

BP Enterprise adds the Portfolio/Solution levels of management to the Program level, a standard in ‘regular’ BigPicture. We designed BPE specifically for distributed teams, but 2019 will see a couple more corporation-centric features in BP Enterprise: the new Board 2.0 featuring the PI-level sync with Jira and the [Boxes] being the highlights. The Boxes are flexible, predefined containers, called, for instance, ‘Portfolio’, ‘Program’, ‘Project’ or ‘Phase’. You’ll be able to edit them in BigPicture Enterprise, to change how they look and behave, as well as add your types, such as ‘Semester’, ‘Marathon’, ‘Collection of …’ or you name it. Boxes are a significant improvement compared to the pre-2019 editions of BP Enterprise, in which you had just Programs.


BigPicture Enterprise for Cloud should arrive in Spring 2019, while the [Boxes] towards the end of 2019.


The good news
Sep 2019
BigPicture 7.5 for Jira Server and Data Center is now live. It has performance improvements (1,5x to 4x at times), new Multi-select feature, custom icons for programs, and more. The corresponding BigGantt 4.3 was released on the same day.
Sep 2019
SoftwarePlant adjusts pricing; new BigPicture, BigGantt and BigTemplate prices to take effect on Oct 3, 2019. More
July 2019
New Reports module in BigPicture 7.3 and the corresponding version of BP Enterprise was released in July. Drill-down pie and column charts, as well as spreadsheet-style reports, are available – more.

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