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Dec 17

Missing a feature in BigPicture / BigGantt? You’ve got options :)

Let's design Jira Big Picture. Female construction workerNew features have been in good supply in Jira BigPicture / BigGantt recently. We saw the premiere of Board 2.0 and Reports modules, as well as multiple improvements, such as Multi-select, Quick assignee, and performance fixes. However, certain project management utensils are still missing from BigPicture and BigGantt. So if you’re stuck, how can you bring that one valuable feature you need to your BigPicture or BigGantt instance? Let’s list the four available options.

0. If you are a new BigPicture project manager or admin, and you’re not sure, contact support. Perhaps there is a workaround for your particular need or a somewhat hidden feature, such as the recently added Extra working Sat/Sun, that is buried deeply in business administration. The support team knows plenty of them, and your problem might be solved within 24 hours.

What if you’ve confirmed the feature is not there?

1. See BigPicture Feature requests

There are dozens of new features on the tables of our 50 developers. Check BigPicture Feature Requests (on a Roadmap) sorted by the number of Upvotes, locate your desired feature, and pay attention to its ‘Status’ field. It indicates when the new feature will see daylight.

How to interpret the Status field? ‘In progress’, ‘In review’, ‘Waiting for merge’, ‘Waiting for release’ – these all mean that a feature is currently under development. ‘Scheduled’ – a feature will gain our programmers’ attention soon. ‘In backlog’ – expect such a feature in a year or later.


  • email us at to say ‘Hey, I need this feature’. We will add you to the corresponding ticket so that you’re automatically notified when the feature will finally make it to Atlassian Marketplace
  • when you email us we upvote the ticket on your behalf
  • we’ll never abandon a feature that, say, 100 project managers are waiting for

Features coming to BigGantt are also listed in the BigPicture Feature Requests sorted by # of Upvotes.

2. Consider joining BigPicture Lab

Participating in BigPicture LAB will get you access to the features in the early stages of development, ones that haven’t surfaced yet. Join BigPicture LAB and influence the shape of BigPicture of the future. At the time of writing, some 70 project managers and individuals in similar roles take part in the Lab project.

BigPicture Lab

3. Order a custom feature If Determined || In a hurry

Neither 1. nor 2. is an option for you? Yes, you can pay, and our developers might develop that valuable/unique feature for you, and we’ll try to meet your deadline. BigPicture custom development works as follows:

  • email us at, describe the demanded feature and the context of your organization, and specifically state that you take the custom development into consideration
  • then we’ll check whether the requested feature meets our strategy and capacities
  • if so, we’ll come up with an offer
  • you give us the specs and decide how the feature will eventually work (not the general public, not other PMs)
  • we deliver a ready solution for evaluation; you comment and can further influence the functionality
  • the feature may later be released on Atlassian Marketplace, in one of the future versions of BigPicture/BigGantt. But the general public will use the thing, if at all, the way you’ve decided.
  • you pay for being able to (a) set us a deadline and (b) dictate the specs


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