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Apr 29

Big export changes in BigPicture

We are constantly working on cool new stuff and would like to announce that with the next release, the export mechanism of BigPicture will be changed a little bit. This means good things for you, as in fact, you will receive now just new export options, but also a brand new tool for saving single JIRA tasks as Word templates!



In general, the Export mechanism will require our BigTemplate plugin to work (it was extracted there). This is due to the technical reasons listed below. What is crucial, is that we do not require existing customers to pay for BigTemplate – you should receive your commercial BigTemplate license from us by e-mail in a few days (if not, please contact us). As compensation for the inconvenience, you will also get all the other BigTemplate plugin’s features for free!

Technical reasons: BigPicture is one of the most complex tools on Atlassian and this is also reflected in the size, as in the weight of the file. Recently this resulted in timeouts when installing or updating on some machines, as the installation took long enough for JIRA to assume something went wrong. Since the export mechanism was roughly 1/3 of the filesize, and we had an exporting plugin at hand, either way, the above decision was made.

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We're SoftwarePlant team. We're striving to make Jira, Trello, Google Calendar and 'you name it' task management software talk to each other, and at the speed of light. We will one day unite them all. When the dream comes true will you still need any 'uber-software', other than BigPicture, to manage projects?