Mar 30

Betcha didn’t know… #3

I bet you did not know that one the most popular project management and workflow charts – Gantt – was not actually invented by Mr. Henry Gantt.

By who then?

Back in the late 19th century, circa 1896, a polish engineer named Karol Adamiecki developed a novel method of displaying processes to visualize the production schedules and their interdependencies.  He introduced his “harmonograms” – as he called them – in a variety of places such as rolling mills, mechanical factories, chemical industry, agriculture or mining.

Karol Adamiecki

Karol Adamiecki

How did it work?

The addition of his chart resulted in increase in output between 100 and 400%. It caused a sensation among technical circles in both Poland and Russia.

So why Gantt and not Adamiecki?

It’s not like Adamiecki didn’t spread the word about his work. In 1931, he actually published an article entitled “Harmonograf” in Przegląd Organizacji (Organization review). The barrier of adoption worldwide was unfortunately high because the articles were in Polish and Russian languages making the west less likely to find it. Around that time, however, Henry Gantt thanks to more widespread English language popularized a similar method in the West.

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